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80% of packaged food now contains GMO products!

Genetically modified food is everywhere now. 85% of corn, soy, red beets, and several other products, are genetically modified now. Even canola, zucchini and Hawaiian papaya!

The author of the book, "Genetic Roulette", was a guest on a Dr. Oz show this week, and what he said truly shocked me! He has worked with doctors, all over the world, who have documented the health risks of GMO food. GMOs were linked to thousands of sick, sterile and dead livestock, and thousands of toxic and allergic reactions in humans. They were linked to damage to every organ and every system studied.

6 European countries have banned GMOs ---- France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg and Greece. When polled, 80% of Americans said that they wanted GMOs labeled on packages. They said that they would never purchase a product if they knew that it contained GMOs. The average American is eating them every single day without being aware of it.

Perhaps that has something to do with all of the allergies that so many people have now. In my opinion, it should be against the law to put them in a product without letting people know that it is in it. I don't use packaged food, but most people do. I only use organic soy products.

Dr. Oz said that he wanted to know what his children were putting into their bodies and that there should be labels on packages, making people aware of what they contain, so that they can decide for themselves if they want to purchase the product or not. ITA!!