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Re: 50 Years Ago Today.......

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Our local stations had quite a few clips about Dr. King with pictures, quotes, and videos.


I think the 50 year mark is a milestone; we don't hear much about the killings of JFK, MLK, and RFK anymore unless the year marks a milestone.  So those milestone years are more apt to have dedicated programs.  PBS has had programs dedicated to MILK.


Since January has the MILK day, it would seem to be the day that schools teach about MLK; I know my GS's school has always had a lesson plan for that day since grade school.  Our city has the biggest march in the country on that day


For those of us who were old enough to witness the horror of the assasinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK I am sure I can speak to the fact that it was a time of such uncertainty and wondering just what is going on in our country.


Dr. Martin King Jr. surely has an place in our history, one which cannot be sanitized and forgotten.  The January dedication to MLK is a testament to the man and his accomplishments; not just to his murder.


It is amazing to me how young he was looking back now.  So much more to do and so much that didn't get accomplished.


I'm not sure what folks expected to happen on the anniversary of his murder; if we focus only on his murder then we overlook the man and his assured place in our history for his vision for all.


It's all part of who MLK was; and it's also a reminder of how distorted and twisted the 1960's were overall.  It wasn't all peace, love, and Woodstock.



The focus wasn't on his murder but his message and that 50 years later not much has changed.



@JaneMarple  The initial statement focused on the day of his murder.  Obviously MILK's life would be acknowledgd but my point was 50 years is a milestone and that is why we have a dedicated day this year.  Next year at 51 years we won't.  The focus will be in total on MLK Day in January as it is each year.


I am not one who said that this day should  not be recognized; I'm simply giving a reason why the focus  is more intense THIS year.  In fact, I'm late to this party and did not see the negative remarks from an apparently removed thread.



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