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50 Triathlons!!! Iron Cowboy aka James Lawrence

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The Iron Cowboy aka James Lawrence.

Here is one man partaking on a HUGE journey to gain attention to the childhood obesity epidemic (Jamie Oliver Foundation).

The Iron Cowboy is doing the 50-50-50 tour.
50 FULL Distance 50 all 50 States!!
That's Swim (2.4 miles), Cycle (112 miles), Run (26.2 miles) Every. Single. Day. for 50 days!

I'm honored to say I rode with him in Texas. Nicest guy. To add difficulty to this journey, his wife & 5 kids are traveling with him. ALSO, due to some inclement weather, route changes had to be indoors!

In DFW, he had to do everything inside...yes, including 112 miles on a trainer AND 26.2 miles on a treadmill!! And 38 days later, he's stronger than ever! Talk about a man with a passion & an inspiration to all of us!

He's very active on all social media. Here's a list of his remaining days. If one is in your area, I would encourage you to support or even swim/bike/run with him! It's an experience you'll never forget! If not, follow on FB...the pictures are beautiful.

#39 July 14 (T ): Michigan, Benton Harbor
#40 July 15 (W): Indiana, Muncie
#41 July 16 (Th): Wisconsin, Madison
#42 July 17 (F): Minnesota, Waconia
#43 July 18 (S): Iowa, Mason City
#44 July 19 (S): Nebraska, Lincoln
#45 July 20 (M): South Dakota, Sioux Falls
#46 July 21 (T): North Dakota, Bismark
#47 July 22 (W): Montana, Billings
#48 July 23 (T): Wyoming, Jackson
#49 July 24 (F): Idaho, Idaho Falls
#50 July 25 (S): Utah, Provo
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Re: 50 Triathlons!!! Iron Cowboy aka James Lawrence

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It's here!   The Iron Cowboy is on his 50th day!   They're filming this on Periscope all day, if you want to see behind the scenes.   As of this writing, he's finished with the swimming & making the transition to the bike.  


I'm beginning to see more & more press about this.  It's an amazing feat for a noble cause.  


If if you're in the Midway Deer Creek area, check it out.  There's going to be a huge celebration tonight once he crosses the finish line.  


Probably not the best forum (with not the best demographic) to put this in, but if it inspires just one member, it's worth it.  


Amazing.  Simply *#^%ing amazing.