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I wouldn't pay $44 for popcorn, but that is me. I don't particularly care for popcorn and not too many people in my family eat it either.  But I don't begrudge anyone that does want to purchase the product at all.


I think sometimes it is sometimes easy to not think about the large population of people that purchase from QVC and that many of those individuals have the financial resources to purchase whatever.  


I will never forget years ago when Lock and Lock first came out to QVC and  had just started offering the lids in different colors & containers in various sizes.  I was watching a PBS special about Patti LaBelle and her cooking filmed in her kitchen.  She opened her refrigerator and the whole thing was filled with Lock and Lock containers of all various sizes with different colored lids.  It was well before they started selling all the various sizes & different colors out in the regular market.  I cracked up laughing.  I have no idea where or how she got them.  Someone else could have purchased them, but I know that particular set was only available at QVC back in the day.  Too funny.


I can also remember some of those Once In a Lifetime or whatever it was called jewelry shows.  And back in the day, those pieces selling for $3-4,000 would sell out.  They may have only had 6 or 8 items, lol....but they sold out so someone purchased them at that price.  All I know is, it wasn't me. Woman Very Happy

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