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The Sky looks different when you have someone you love up there.
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@Anonymous032819 yes, I'm inclined to agree with you.  

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@Anonymous032819 wrote: 


******Warning to others like me with high blood pressure, video contains a loud, startling scream

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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Actually, compared to other screams (including my own when I saw a dog get hit by a car), it's not shrill.  Now, if I were to record THAT scream that would truly cause others to jump out of their skin and come a runnin' to see what I was seeing.  So I give the scream on this thread a good solid "5."  






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THAT IS HYSTERICAL bahahhhaaaaahaaaaaaa 🤣 perfect description. Made my day. Thx @Anonymous032819 

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Glad I read through the thread before opening....I do not want to hear a scream