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2 Female (feral) cats.....Bad Idea?

We have a rescued cat. She lived outside for the 1st 7 years, has lived inside for the past 5. She is a really good cat considering what I've seen of others. She doesn't scratch furniture, took straight to the litterbox, has never hissed or showed any mean side, doesn't beg for food. And I realize that I'm lucky her urine isn't strong-smelling at all. (My son's cat's is terrible!) I say these things because I know a lot of people who have cats and these are some of the things that would make me not want a cat. So I know how lucky I am we really took a chance with taking her in.

There is another stray (female) that I want to take in. I need to capture her, take her straight to the vet. I am pretty sure she has some issues that need to be taken care of. I need them to clean her also. She has been fixed already.

Do females spray? Would they spray if they've been fixed? Are they likely to fight? If they start out on the wrong foot, would it most likely stay that way?

Any advise would be appreciated.