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My dad had a friend who was living at home and is stepmother insisted on charging him rent. His friend wasn't happy about it , but when he was ready to move out his parents gave him the rent money so he had a Little nest egg to start out. 

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My elder son was in North Dakota in Air Force. Younger son had a job. No,I would not have charged them rent.They were always responsible young men.

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absolutely no "18 and out" in our home.

our parents didnt subscribe to that either......neither did my grandparents nor my great grandparents on either side of my family.

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Single parent, too.


DS lived at home his first 2 yrs of college then transferred to finish his degree. He worked during HS and at college as well.


Tough job outlook so he moved back home for about 18 mos. He found work, saved and moved back out on his own. I helped him with college costs and never charged him a dime for rent, etc. 


We got no help from anyone for anything. 

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Sounds kinda HARSH to me...especially in a big city where housing is very high priced, and you need references to rent, transportation, food, clothing, etc.     I can see where an 18-year-old could get in some "big trouble".

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When I was 20 in the 80s, my father demanded that I have a full-time job upon graduating from college or I'd get kicked out of the house. He put me through a lot of stress so I took the first FT job I was offered which enabled me to pay rent to stay home.

I worked 24 hours a week during high school and FT during the summers so I could pay half of all college fees.

In college I worked 2 part-time jobs while commuting to and from Boston.

I don't have any children but if I did, I would never put them through what I experienced. It was horrible.

With that said, I would require them to procure employment with the caveat that they save money for a future apartment/home or condo.
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Where would you kick them out to?


Both kids attended college at 18 following HS graduation. Both lived at home most summers. They earned their own $ for spending, gas, etc. They lived and ate meals at home at no cost as both were full time students.

Following college graduations, both achieving high honors, child #1 lived at home until age 25, when he and his now wife bought a single family home. Paid a token amount of rent during his stay as he was employed full time and was saving for a house and a wedding.


Child #2 became an officer in the military and several weeks following graduation was off to his first duty station in Europe for 3 years. Has never lived with me from that time on. Is also now married and a homeowner at age 27 and is back in the US.


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I'd never kick a kid out at 18, but I'd certainly want them working or attending college. One exception would be if they were out of control and their behavior was influencing younger children in the family. Then a tough love approach might be necessary.

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Re: 18, and Out?

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I don't have any children but when I turned 18 I did not pay rent. I was given free room and board. I worked my way through community college and then transferred to a university. I paid through student loans for the university. I would never charge an 18 year old rent or ask them to move out of the house.

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And, ONE MORE THING!    Y O U   just might get OLD some day, and need to live with one of your children.    How's THAT gonna work out...???

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