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Re: 100 Degrees Air Temperature and Coats Prime Time Special

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@Meowingkitty ...Same here, another Arizonian.  My beautiful black Nordstrom wool coat hasn't been worn since I left CA 18 years ago.  It just hangs in my closet along with my lovely full length raincoat.  Woman Sad

Isn't Arizona going through the monsoon season?  Lots of storms & flash flooding.  I would think you would need the rain coat now. 


I've read eventually people will no longer be able to live in Phoenix because of the heat.  

Monsoon season is mostly dust, wind, some thunder and lighting and maybe some rain and they almost always happen at night. Sure we get downpours sometimes but they usually don't last long plus monsoons are unpredictable. So the chances of carrying a raincoat is slim unless you leave it in the car to rot in 110 plus heat.They usually only hit parts of the valley while others parts wait their turn, hopefully in another day or two. The only people I ever see wearing a rain coat are the newscasters. We get excited for the rain. Kids dancing in the streets, people filming videos, sitting on the patio etc. I can't even imagine wearing a hot sticky raincoat when it's so beautiful and a bit cooler even though it raining outside. So what if we get wet? As long as there's air conditioning people will continue to live here. 

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Re: 100 Degrees Air Temperature and Coats Prime Time Specialyes

yes you'd think summer time would be sandals, short sleeves, sun dresses for the tsv.. maybe by sept or oct. bring out the jackets...