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10 yr. old dog w/swollen cheek -part two

Nothing is ever simple is it? My dog w/allergic reaction,puffed up face 3 days later..he probably DOES have an infected tooth-the doc gave him steroid, benadryl etc..on Mon. seemed sure it was just allergic reaction to a spider bite well..the swelling did subside somewhat but cheek remained swollen,and kinda hard to the touch,last night he began oozing a kind of bloody,watery fluid from his mouth-indicating to me an infection of some kind,took him in this AM- now doc says it probably is his tooth.So tomorrow -oral surgery, it will cost AT LEAST $600++.I also wonder if he didn't get a splinter jammed in his mouth or gums he&my other dog chewed up a small pine board recently.He has remained pretty upbeat,eating,drinking, going out etc..throughout.Also, we are unable to really see anything in his mouth or gums,he does not tolerate probing or poking very well.