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Re: ❄️ Nor'easter snow storm #4 💨

nor'easter #4 ugh!!!!!

living in mid atlantic area (near Philly). was reading about this on the news this morn and weather apps.


just the temps alone with this storm. Remember how cold it was december-jan for us here on the east coast. high's of 30 (if that) and lows in single digits, We are regressing.


one of my weather apps did a long range forecast for the whole U.S.. Granted this is just general for whole country. Really no warmth till into June for here on the east coast. We will be below normal warmth wise .  We may not have to run the air conditioner much this year.


that blocking High pressure in greenland just is not breaking down to let the polar vortex move it is just staying put making the east coast stay extra cold and storms galore this year.

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Re: ❄️ Nor'easter snow storm #4 💨

Haven't heard about it in Baltimore as of yet, though my stylist mentioned it to me this morning at the salon. 


Great, just great. Lol. 

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Re: ❄️ Nor'easter snow storm #4 💨

I'm looking at the weather right now.  Of course, they are teasing us and stringing it out.  At this point, all I can do is laugh and pray pray pray that the coming storm will be more ran than snow.  

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Re: ❄️ Nor'easter snow storm #4 💨

Per the local news today (3/16), South Joisey & PA will get hit.

NE starts Tuesday morning/afternoon as rain & accumulating wet snow. 

Turning to snow overnight Tuesday through Thursday morning/afternoon.

Total amounts unknown at this time.  EVERYBODY will get "a significant" amount.



This NE is 12,000 miles long.  All "snow." faint.gifWeather folks did not say how many miles the "rain" line is.

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