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Where are new items??  When I look at American West it's showing some really old pieces as "new".  Can we please have some new items posted.  Some of us have to work when the shows are on.

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@Prestons Grandma 

If you go to "Shop by Category," you can then click on "Jewelry," then choose either "American West" or "Carolyn Pollack," and then you can sort either of those jewelry lines by having it show "Newest first."


That option is on the right side of the page just above where the products are shown.  The first option is "Best Match," so click on the arrow (^) next to "Best Match" and then click on "Newest first."

Apologies if you already knew about this.

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Yes I knew that already and no apologies needed.  However what is showing up as new is old stuff.  Not quite sure I understand why they are doing that.  They usually post some of the new items she's bringing in advance, but not toady.  Her first show is tonight, so I'm wondering where are the new things? I'm not real thrilled with all the changes being made ont(e website.  I would love to see a preview of the new.

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@Prestons Grandma  Do you get the emails from her website? They have the shows listed on QVC.When you click on that,it will show you new items.I saw one of the posters had put it in a thread  so you may be able to click on that and see them. HTH

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I'd like to know why they show pictures on the home page of AM jewelry that are not listed as an item.  I see an enhancer and a cuff bracelet to the left but there is no item listing for them.  Looks like a horse on those items.