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Re: Carolyn's Visit with American West - February 17-18, 2020

@BirkiLady wrote:

@patbz  Great buy!  @beach-mom   I ended up purchasing the grey 20" braided leather/sterling necklace at the sale price. (I had a really nice CR built up and decided to go for it! After adding my credit in, it cost around $22.00!) Thought I wanted the strawberry, but it was never offered at that great price, so I went for Choice #2. I'm OK with that selection. I already own it in cobalt. 

@BirkiLady - I got the navy blue 20"! I was sure those others would show up, but they didn't. I was also surprised at the price increase overnight. They could have kept it until Carolyn's visit was over. Don't they usually do that?


The grey one is really pretty, and you got a great price! That is on my wishlist. Maybe next visit!