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Finally ordered my first piece of jewelry from your collection, J334019 (ring).  Would love it if there were bracelets/cuffs like (J328188, J334020, & J328835) to match.  I love all three of those designs.  Also I have no idea how difficult it would be to obtain more rings or bracelets with orange/yellow spiney oyster, green turquoise, coral or carnelian, and would love more designs with these colors.

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When people in the Southwest wear Southwest jewelry,  it's never matchy match.   Everything blends with other pieces so don't worry too much about colors or designs matching. Carolyn has an online store at Relios. Com where you might find other pieces.   Spiney oyster is becoming rare and is seen only occasionally. 

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Some of Carolyn's jewelry under her name and American West is on Zulily today.  Seems like they have her items about once a month.  I've gotten some big savings there.  It is under the heading "Montana Silversmiths."

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i have purchased the hummingbird pendant, ring and bracelet. i was wondering if you have a suggestion for earrings. Thanks, Pat