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Has anyone read the book Tiny Pretty Things and/or its sequel, Shiny Broken Objects?  I recently finished the TPT series on Netlix and loved it - wondered if the book was worth reading (it got good reviews on the Barnes & Noble website). I am currently reading Virgin River after watching it on Netflix and am thoroughly enjoying the book.


I appreciate that most series based on books have different details/twists which prevent them from being "copycats" of the books.   

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Re: "Tiny Pretty Things" Books?

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@joviolin Oh my, I didn't know there was a book out, I watched the series and loved it.  I honestly think seeing it has to be better than reading it.  Now I may be wrong, it's just my assessment of the situation.  If you get a chance to see the series, by all means do, you loved reading about it, you surely will love seeing it.

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Re: "Tiny Pretty Things" Books?

I recently read book number 19, "Return To Virgin River" by Robyn Carr.  I am not sure if it what you are referring to.  I love all her books and especially this series.

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