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I’m considering this for the newest paperwhite. For anyone who has done an upgrade via trade-in, I have a couple of questions.


What about the cover on your current e-reader (if you have one)?   Do you send the e-reader in with the cover on it?


And how do you get your content onto your new e-reader?  Does Amazon do that automatically?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: e-reader trade in at amazon

@esmerelda, no I didn’t send any cover with it. I don’t think that I even sent in the cord and power adapter. Make sure that you deregister your device and set back to factory settings. You need to go to your Amazon account and go to “manage your content and devices”. Do the factory settings first, you might not need to deregister, the factory settings might automatically deregister. Amazon will set your new device to your account unless you indicate it’s a gift when you purchase your new one. If you don’t see your books on the home screen, they are archived. You just need to select the ones that you want downloaded.