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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

Thr Banker's Wife by Christina Alger


First by this author and I'll read others by her. I really liked the book. 


In Dublin's Fair City by Rhys Bowen; another Molly Murphy mystery. 

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

I've got several things going right now:

The Harry Potter Series- I just finished book 4 and will move on to book 5 soon.  I found the complete series in hardback and just decided to bring it home and work my way through it.  I had read book 1 way back when it was a big deal but never got that into it.  It makes for really light, quick reading and so far it's been enjoyable.


Hercule Poirot series by Agatha Christie- There were 32 Hercule Poirot books written and I decided that I want to read them, in order.  At the end of January I finished the Mysterious Affair at Styles.  The second book Murder on the Links just arrived and I started it last night.


The Whistler by John Grisham- I've sort of stalled with this book... like it's got a storyline but that storyline is unfolding way too slowly and I'm halfway through and forcing myself to continue.  I think this may just be me, because I expect books to be really snappy and Grisham is trying to build a lot of layers and background to the story


Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne- This is the book I'm listening to in the car.  I don't subscribe to audible or anything like that, but most classic novels can be downloaded as MP3 files.  I remember reading this in high school but I had an English teacher who could make the best books boring.. so I am liking it better now!

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

@dawg lover wrote:

@Tgbtg  - So glad you have discovered David Rosenfelt and like him!  I just wanted to tell you that his books get even better as they go along.  He is so funny too; I really enjoy him.  Also, you never have to worry about anything happening to his dog, Tara.  Rosenfelt has guaranteed to his readers that she will live forever!


@smoky2016  - I do have the Kindle app on my phone, but rarely use it because it bothers my eyes.  But, for Alexander McCall Smith, I will make an exception!  Thanks for letting me know about the Swedish detective story on Kindle; I'm going to get it, since it's only 99 cents!  I thought the Peter Woodhouse book was great in the first half and then "petered out", as if the author didn't know how to end it.  Did you ever read the Portugese Irregular Verbs books,with the German professor?  They are so funny and witty.  Read them in chronological order.

@dawg lover , so glad to know that his writing just gets better and better!  I am a huge dog nut with two spoiled Boston terriers.  lol  Very glad to know that Tara will be around, and of course, I enjoyed reading about the rescue organization that he has.  In this book, I was almost applauding when his partner at the rescue wouldn't let one couple adopt a dog because it was going to have a doghouse outside.  lol  I knew this author understood those of us who see dogs as part of our family!

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

@Tgbtg  - Some other great dog series that I enjoy are:


"SUSPECT" by Robert Crais - FANTASTIC stand-alone book


Dog Show (Melanie Travis) mysteries by Laurien Berenson


Margaret Mizushima and Virginia Lanier write books about tracking dogs that assist in criminal and search and rescue.


The Chet and Bernie series by Spencer Quinn


The Kate Shugak Alaska mysteries by Dana Stabenow


Donna Ball writes one series about golden retrievers and another about border collies.


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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

I just finished two books,  The first was by Cheryl Bradshaw, Black Diamond Death, which was about a female PI.  It is an ok book, but I am not sure that I will continue with the series.


The second book, by Elise Noble, was Pitch Black.  This was an interesting, albeit somewhat unbelievable, based between Virginia and England.  There was a warning at the start of the book that said you could switch over to the cleaner version, but it was too late for me to start looking around for it.  So, the book kept my interest even though the language, at times, was a little rough.  I probably would read the next one, but it was expensive andt this version was free.

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

Tonight I finished An American Marrriage by Tayari Jones.  It is a story with lots of heartache and raw emotion too.  Good story and believeable characters.  Highly recommend.

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

Rachel, Being a llibrary lover myself, i thought you might like the following book. IMPROBABLE LIBRARIES: A VISUAL JOURNEY TO THE WORLD'S MOST UNUSUAL
LIBRARIES by Alex Johnson.

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

@smoky2016 wrote:

@dawg lover wrote:

@smoky2016  - I finished the new Elly Griffiths book, "THE STONE CIRCLE."  It was good and action-packed; a lot happened in this book!  It does refer back to her first book quite a bit, so skimming it again might be helpful.  I read the first book again, and then since I had no library books checked out at the moment, started reading the whole series over.  The new book came in while I was reading book 10, so that was good timing.  I had forgotten what a great series this is; she is such a wonderful writer.  I really enjoyed reading them one right after another, instead of a year apart each time.

@dawg lover  Thanks for the review.  I'm glad to hear the new book is so good.  She is a terrific writer, especially in the Ruth Galloway series.  Unfortunately it will be months before I get to read the new one.  I'll make a note to request The Crossing Places first.  

@smoky2016 @dawg lover

I looked up The crossing Places, and of course it's part of a series. I am not capable of reading a book in a series without starting from the beginning. I plan on requesting this book in the future. I have added it to my TBR lists that just keeps growing... and growing.. and growing. (smile)

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

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I just finished listening to Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts. it was hard to read in several spots because of the violence, but I enjoyed the book, it took forever for me to receive from the libary.


Next up The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberrlain, will post my review when I finish.

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Re: What are You Reading? February 2019

I finished Good Grief by Lolly Winston for my local library's book club. We meet at a restaurant/bar and discuss books over pub grub and beers. It's super fun! I had read the book before, but I enjoyed the re-read. Unfortunately, the weather is terrible and we experienced a "bomb cyclone" blizzard and book club was postponed for 2 weeks...


I also finished Silent Night, new novel coming soon from Danielle Steel. I got an ARC of the book from the publisher. It was ok - kind of slow, but has lots of details about traumatic brain injuries.


Now I am reading The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. I have had this one on my bookshelf for a long long time.