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I'm drawing a blank, but am sure someone here knows the answer ....


One online retailer (could be a bookstore or regular retailer)  lists their books for sale and you can read the first few pages of the book.


I cannot think of the name of this, for the life of me ....


Anyone?    TIA!

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I do it on Amazon Prime. Could it be Barnes and Noble maybe? 


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@Tinkrbl44   I'm pretty sure Barnes and Noble allow this.

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On Amazon they will send you a sample to try, on your kindle.

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Amazon does do this for most every book whether you are a prime member or not.

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I can't recall the name either .... I'm on the mailing list for just about every book seller out there, and get one or two of those a day - and generally buy one or two books a day!  


Just yesterday - I got one of those emails .... but deleted it last night after reading a couple of pages of "The Trouble with Physics:  The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next" by Lee Smolin.


Interesting intro - bought the book and dowloaded the KIndle version.



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you can access previews of books on the GOODREADS website.

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