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The Widening Gyre

I recently read this book by new author Michael R. Johnston.



It's his first book, and first in a series.



It is science-fiction, and I really enjoyed reading it.




From the inside cover:


"Eight hundred years ago, the Zhen Empire discovered a broken human colony ship drifting in the fringes of their space. With only a third of the origional colonists left alive in their cryo-pods, and the ship's computers damaged beyond repair, there was no way to know where the humans were from. The Zhen gave them a place to live and folded them into their Empire as a client state.


Humans are safe. But it hasn't been easy. Not all Zhen were eager to welcome another spieces into their Empire, and humans have faced persecution.One of the first humans to be allowed to serve in the Zhen military, Tajen Hunt became a war hero at the Battle of Elkari, the only human to be named an official Hero of the Empire. He was given command of a task force, but when he failed in a critical mission, causing the deaths of millions of people, he resigned in disgrace and faded into life on the fringes as a lone independant pilot.


When Tajen discovers his brother Daav, has been killed by agents of the Empire, he, his niece, and their newly-hired crew set out to finish his brother's quest: to find Earth, the legendary home world of humanity."



I read the whole book in little over a day, and as I said, I really enjoyed reading it, and I don't normally read sci-fi.



I hope that others enjoy it as much as I did, and I highly recommend this book!




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