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Re: Speaking of Goodreads....

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I use it to see what family and friends are reading.  I'm also now friends with @Sweetbabyjane so I can see what she's reading.  One friend I've been pals with since we're nine.  I get emails when they finish books.


I follow certain authors I love and I get emails with links to blog posts when they make them, which is usually when they have a book coming out but not always.  This is how I got the link to Frederik Backman's post about his crippling anxiety and depression.  I love reading things from favorite authors and it's not often, less than one a week usually.


Also you can ask and answer questions people have.  An author whose first book I loved has a new one coming out, they're giving away freebs (babyjane got one) and I've asked a question about the book.  It hasn't been answered yet but it will be I'm sure.


And I've answered questions for people.


If you change your mind we can follow one another.  I love to see what others are reading.  


And there are those giveaways.  I've probably entered fifty and only won one book but it was a great book!


@Sweetbabyjane  out of my recent (month-long?) stretch of entering to win books I haven't won a single one.  There's only two left I think LOL.  And now they're sending me emails on some saying 'you didn't win it but here's how to buy it."  Thanks a lot LOL.  Except I actually did buy one!



I've been getting those emails too and it's a waste of time since I know I didn't win and don't want to be reminded of it either.  LOL. 


I also follow a lot of authors and getting a freebie from one since she mentioned that she was giving away her new ARC coming out in June.


I have various giveaways closing from today and ending in 27 days.  Didn't count how many though!