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Sandra Brown books, any comments?

Has anyone read any of Sandra Brown's books?  What are your thoughts on this author? I am most intersted in the thriller/suspense type she writes, not romance books. Thanks!

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Re: Sandra Brown books, any comments?

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I have read so many books over the years, however, the name Sandra Brown doesn't immediately ring a bell.  Perhaps I read a few of her books but since I have read many,  many authors some, are memorable and some are not.  I am going to bring her name up to see titles of books she has written to see if I recognize any.


I am with you in that I too am most interested in thriller/suspense reading.  

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Re: Sandra Brown books, any comments?

Check her out on the Goodreads app.  Lots of reviews there.  I have read her and enjoyed her books I think.  Not on my 'must read' list but I would read her again depending on reviews of the book. S

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Re: Sandra Brown books, any comments?

I read most of her books. I like them enough to read if a new one comes out. Very easy to read, usually mindless stories. Not the "great" American novel just a decent read.

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Re: Sandra Brown books, any comments?

I have always enjoyed her books but she was a part of my town when I was growing up.  She was our weather girl and her husband was our anchor. Then off to Dallas they went to a bigger station and she started writing. 

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Re: Sandra Brown books, any comments?

I have read all, or nearly all, of Sandra Brown's books.  Her early books are classic romances and then she transitioned to romantic suspense.  I like her books very much.  They are easy to read, but not trite. 


I prefer contemporary fiction, so I did not read Rainwater which is about the dust bowl.  I might read it this summer if I can get it from the library or if it comes down in price for kindle.  I am on reserve at the library for Blind Tiger, her book that will be published August 3rd.  It is about the prohibition era, but I will give it a try.