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David McCullough twice received the Pulitzer Prize.  His writing style makes reading history very enjoyable.  


KUOW - Pulitzer Prize winning historian David McCullough has died

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Re: RIP David McCullough

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Great writer and a great loss.  We were fortunate to hear him speak and meet him a few times.


We even made the trek to the Univ. of Oklahoma to hear a very informal discussion among him, George H. Bush 41 and former Senator and then OU Pres. David Boren.  It was a wonderful event and I am so glad we went.  

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I've read several of his books, all of them enjoyable and educational especially John Adams.



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I love to read and anyone who writes, publishes books and especially earns a Pulitzer Prize earns my respect and admiration.  David McCullough was a great writer and author and his books will live on, they are his legacy.  May he rest in peace.

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I'm sorry he has passed.  What a fabulous author, he leaves us worlds to explore behind.

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Fabulous writer: Truman, John Adams---made into a terrific series, relationship between FDR and Churchill (I forgot the title) etc.


As both a student and teacher of American History I loved reading to learn, and teaching using his words.


He was an exceptionally interesting writer of American 




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His book about the Panama Canal, The Path Between the Seas, is a must read before going through the canal.  It really adds to the appreciation of the experience.