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Re: Need help re books ontape or audio books

start with the free stuff first. Go online to your local library, and look for audiobooks. There will be an app to download that will go on any device you have, probably Overdrive. If you're not comfortable doing it by yourself online take your device to the library and they will help you do it there.

every year or so I look at but it seems terrifically expensive, so I persist with my library who has literally thousands of books on tape.  FREE


 I download books on my iPad, and my iPhone. You can reserve books just like you do a regular book and they will email you when it comes in.  (if it is a new bestseller and has a wait list.) Otherwise, Most earlier books are available. My library has just about every author, fiction and nonfiction.


Lastly  you can plug your device, probably your phone into your auxiliary plug in your car, and tune it to auxiliary on the radio, and listen to your books through the car radio. 


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Re: Need help re books ontape or audio books

I get all my books from the local library through the free Overdrive app--just download it & link to your local library. If I'm checking out audio books, I listen through Overdrive; e-books through Kindle. Both are apps I've downloaded on my iPad. Easy and free!

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Re: Need help re books ontape or audio books

@Margo Channing,

Loved books on tape and now Audio books. I have a monthly subscription to Audible now owned also by Amazon. If you get their free app you can download them everywhere. I still have a very old but sturdy iPod and love to listen to them. The narrator is super important make sure that you listen before you buy. If you do not like the book you can also return it  and get  your money/ credit back🌻

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Re: Need help re books ontape or audio books

Count me as one who loves the FREE RB Digital service provided by the State Library of Kansas.  I can select books, listen to them and renew if needed with my phone, all from my easy chair at home.  The expense was my Iphone, everything else is FREE!  If you struggle with technology (as I do), your public library will work with you to get everything set up.  For me, my DD programed everything on my phone and I only needed to get a State Library card/number from our local library.