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We have recently discovered him and the books and videos by Agatha Christie. We are really enjoying them.

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I have loved Agatha Christie books since I was a kid. I remember giving an oral book report (but I can't remember which novel it was) that featured Poirot. I repeatedly pronounced his name "Her-Q-lee Poy-rott". At the end of the report, my teacher said it was pronounced "Air-Q Pwah-roh". I didn't say disagree, but remember thinking silently that she must be wrong! Smiley Very Happy

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Love all of Agatha Christie's books - I have read them all over the years - Poirot, Miss Marple, etc.


There is an author (last name Hannah) who has written some Periot books recently.  Not as good as Christie, but I enjoyed them.

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I envy you! Agatha Christie's mysteries are so great. Enjoy.


My mother read them all and I would read them after her. We passed on the love of those novels to my daughter. Poirot is her favorite. Miss Marple is mine.


I also enjoy the many movie and tv recreations of her works. The actor David Suchet as Poirot is wonderful.

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@QsMom When I read those books as a teenager, I said his name just like you did. I love how Alex Trebec pronounces it perfectly when it comes up on Jeopardy.

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I am in the process of trying to read all of the Poirot series in order!  So far some books are better than others, but overall I enjoy it.  I'm also reading Laurie King's series about Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell.