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With the pandemic and being stuck at home at lot I decided to use our local library for borrowing a few books that I had been meaning to read.  


I had seen Joan's newest book being promoted last year and decided to try and get it from the library.  They only had a few copies so it took me a little while to be able to get it.  


The book was entitled "Why Did I Come Into This Room".   When I received notice that it was available for me to pick up I was really excited to start my reading.  I quickly felt disappointed after just a few chapters.   I expected the book to be about the issues that we as women face as we get older.  Instead what I discovered was a book about the eternal quest to always look young.  There was a lot of promotion about cosmetic surgery and many procedures that would take quite a bit of money to be able to maintain.  


This is my opinion only, but I felt that the book was more of a dedication to the author than it was to deal with the issues of aging.  


One review of this book that was posted on Amazon by someone who bought the book was that she felt that Joan Lunden could have used her influence to change the way society views the aging woman.  Instead the book seemed to push the idea that we as women shouldn't accept aging and we should fight it every step of the way no matter the cost or the inevitable outcome.  


As I said, this is my opinion only.  If you read the book and enjoyed it, or didn't enjoy it,  can you post your thoughts.



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@J Town Girl I always thought she was a big fake. I wouldn't read her book for all the tea in China.