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Re: I just got a what...LOL

@Nataliesgramma , the first Ereader I bought was Sony.  They made the best.  They eventually got bought out by Kobo (which I now own).  I get almost all of my books from the library.  In the beginning, I spent a few hours going online with the library and requesting a list of books (see Books forum).  Once you have a number of requests, you can manage them.  My library has the option to defer deiivery by 7, 14, 21, 28, days etc if you are not ready when the books become available.  Love this feature which allows me to have a steady supply of reading material without going to the end of the waiting line.


My Ereader is absolutely one of my favourite things.  Enjoy!  S

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Re: I just got a what...LOL

I read on my tablet using Hoopla that is free through our library. It's been wonderful.

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Re: I just got a what...LOL

OMG! Please don't tell me the "book" will become obsolete. I still love the feel of a paper page, a book mark made by my children in grade school in some of them while others gave markers given to me by grandchildren. I keep a stack of books on my night table, another on my end table where I sit in the afternoon for a tea break and my art books and a few novels upstairs in my studio to take my mind off my painting when I get stuck.


I rarely purchase paperbacks because I love to keep my books. After reading them, I take the paper jackets off and they line my shelves.