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Have you read books by Kay Bratt?

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I just finished her short story "TRAIN TO NOWHERE" and I highly recommend it.  It takes place in China during the 1960s and the Cultural Revolution.  A 16 year old Chinese girl, Ling, is put on a train by her mother, alone.  Why?


The characters were so well developed in only 70 pages.


Next I will start book 1 in her new series, "THE SCAVENGER'S DAUGHTERS," also set in China about a poor man, Benfu, and how he and his wife build their family of daughters.


Kay Bratt has worked closely with Chinese orphanages and even lived in China for a few years.  I also plan to read her book "SILENT TEARS:  A JOURNEY OF HOPE IN A  CHINESE  ORPHANAGE.


She now lives in eastern U.S.

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Re: Have you read books by Kay Bratt?

Have been reading Scavenger's Daughters for our book club - wonderful!! I've never read this author before but will keep her on my favorite list. Very well written, keeps my interest; amazing all the love Benfu and Calli have for their adopted children. Beautiful story.