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Re: Have you read Anne Perry?

@ritasNo1Fan wrote:

Kate Winslet starred in a movie about Anne Perry, Beautiful  Creatures.

I saw it - the end where the kill the mother was pretty horrific. I never liked Perry's books as much again after I saw that film.


If you read the Inspecfor Pitt series, it's best to read them in chronological order for the development between Pitt and Charlotte.

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Re: Have you read Anne Perry?

A.P. definitately has issues.  I too don't care about her books even tho I cannot read enough about that time period, and mysteries.  Oh well.

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Re: Have you read Anne Perry?

I very much enjoyed her earlier and even some of the more recent Pitt and Monk series and her Christmas novellas are enjoyable as well. After not reading her for several years, though, I recently picked up one of her more current Pitt novels and found it somewhat lacking. Well worth exploring.

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