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I just finished The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Richardson.

It was about 2 real historical events I knew nothing about.  In the 1930's women carried dontated books and reading materials to the very poor in Kentucky. (that is a very edited summary).  The main character is a "blue" which is a real skin color disorder which in her case was inherited. They were treated as poorly as blacks. More of that in the book.  A very interesting and eye-opening story!!

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Our local book club read "The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek" several years ago; everyone thought it was very good/interesting.  One of our members knew of a "blue" woman who had lived in our small, l midwestern community in the past. . . news to the rest  of us. . . There's a sequal, "The Book Woman's Daughter", also written by Richardson.  I've not read it, but understand it's very good, too.

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@bargainsgirl I love that book! 

Jojo Moyes has a book about the women doing the book deliveries, too, that is really good.



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Thanks for the tip!  Really sure I would never have stumbled onto this book/topic.  On my list for ebook.