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@Winkk wrote:

I need a new author to read.  I really like any kind of mystery/thriller.  I do not like cozies or chick lite (romance with a mystery thrown in as filler).  Do you have any favorites?



I love Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford novels. I've read them all. Can't think of any names but The Rottweiler (sp?) She also wrote dark suspense non-Wexford books which I found too deep.

I agree with your post and feel the same way. I hate a mystery that I really have to 'get into' before anything happens. I love private eye books and the series by Lou Manfredo - didn't write many but they were good. LOVE the Alex McKnight books by Steve Hamilton. Mike Hammer is still the best.

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How about this one?

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Thanks all, you have given me a lot of good suggestions.  This will certainly keep my busy for a while.


Happy reading.

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Here is another one.  I like this author a lot.Cat Very Happy

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Recommend P.D.James - here mystery novels are set in England.  Good literature with exceptional character studies.

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J A Jance has been recommended here for her J P Beaumont serires, I also really enjoy her Sheriff Joanna Brady and her Ally Reynolds series, too. Good mysteries, interesting police/detective plots and realistic characters.


Also recommend the Prendergast series by Childs and ?. They are really suspenseful.


Have started reading John Sanford's John Davenport and his Virgil Flowers series. I read the author years ago and am now picking up where I left off with Davenport. Virgil Flowers is new. Good plots, good detecting and keep your interest til the end.



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I really like Nelson Demille.  One of my favorite books is THE SECOND LADY by Irving Wallace. He had lots of other good ones too.

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Another good English mystery writer is Susan Hill.  Chief Superintendent Simom Serrailler is an interesing character and I enjoy these mysteries. They are not the cozy or chick lite books.    

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Judaline - I forgot about Wexford - they are great books.


Another author I thought of is M. C. Beaton.  She has two series - Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth.  They are mysteries set in England and Scotland (good stories), but funny too.  Agatha is a hoot.

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@amaivy wrote:

Donna Leon.  She is a American living in Venice.  Her mysteries are set in Venice. I believe she is one mystery author who transcends the genre and writes Literature.


She is highly regarded by the critics too..


The NY Times ranked Josephie Tey's  The Daughter of Time as the best mystery book ev er.  She wrote in the 40's and 50's and was the very first mystry writer I ever read.  What a great intoduction to the genre.

Thanks for the recommendation on Donna Leon.  I had never heard of her but she sure has a lot of books.  I'm going to see if she looks interesting to me.