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Just curious...

Are your book clubs having zoom meetings, or meeting in person?

Mine meets in person, but I haven't been comfortable attending...I think I'm the only one interested in zoom meetings!


What are you doing these days?

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We've been doing zoom meetings once a month since March.  

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My book club usually meets in restaurants, but that stopped last March.  This summer we met outside at local arboretums and members' backyards.  We're scheduled to meet this Tuesday, but it's supposed to hover around 48 degrees, so outside is out of the question.  No one in the group is comfortable eating inside restaurants and outdoor dining is not an option anymore.  Besides, we had some members who wouldn't even eat outside during the warmer months. So we have to decide what to do Tuesday.  One person has a covered patio and said she'd set up a heater.  LI is seeing an uptick in Covid cases, so I'm not sure if anyone is going to want to meet in person.  We did one Zoom last April and it didn't work out that great.  It's disappointing we can't find something that works, but we want and need to stay healthy.

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Both of my clubs didn't adapt well to zoom and most of us will not be around others.  So are not meeting now.  Miss them.

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Re: Book Club Meetings...?

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We have only had two meetings with our Book Club, and its all Family members, and we have been meeting in person, but I don't know if this next meeting will happen, we are in Wisconsin and our numbers are through the roof! We normally meet once a month, I think we may end up stopping until after the 1st of the year and reassess at that time....


We did talk about it and since our Covid numbers are so high, we decided to stop and reassess after the 1st of the year!  

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Both of my book groups have been meeting on Zoom.  Although they are not quite the same as our normal in person meetings, they work quite well, and are certainly preferable to no meetings at all.  We usually have festive holiday gatherings, but one is skipping that.  The other is looking for outdoor dining that will work, which is possible in Southern CA, but I don't feel safe attending that....too many people from diverse environments, so I'll sadly skip the meeting.

I hope you can work out something to continue your meetings.

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We normally meet in local restaurants, but since covid things have changed.  At first we didn't meet at all.  Then we tried one zoom meeting....I didn't like it.  So we've been meeting outside with masks and being socially distant.  So far it's been okay, but I think we many only have one more month of weather good enough to meet outside.  Once it starts to snow, we will be on hiatus again.

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We met outside during the good summer/fall weather at someone's home.  Things are up in the air for our December meeting.  Most of us are 50, 60,70+, and with Covid raging right now, we may just pause until 2021.

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My book club meets at my church.  We did not meet at all from April-September (we never have met in the summer).  The church was still closed to meetings in September so we met outside in the courtyard with each person bringing a lawn chair.  The church opened up, so in October and November we met in the fellowship hall.  We spread out and some kept their masks on even with social distancing.  We don't serve food, so we didn't have to worry about that.  Some people bring their own beverage. 

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Thanks for all your replies!  I love hearing what everyone is doing to adapt and try new things to continue meetings.  We've had some meetings outside, but have about 10 members.  A couple gals each have several kids in different schools.  A couple gals have been traveling  to other countries.  I wish my group was interested in zoom meetings, but I don't see that happening.  I usually host our Holiday party in December...we have a book exchange and pot luck...I'm just not comfortable doing it.  


Thanks for sharing!