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I usually try to check 'what book you are reading lately'?..... 


I have missed you very much, even though I'm not here that often, but my memory of you being here and on other threads made me want to tell you, I have missed you. Okay? Husband? 



Hello @Issy379, thank you for asking about me on the usual thread from over one year ago, also to @agnesann, several times.



"D" / 'M' ----

in ( her words) came on sometime in Oct. of'17 and told me no one wanted to hear what I had to offer and {I} will never know ??.. I have that post in saves. 

 Dawn left /  3 did not heart as approval; I have no desire going back. It's at though they can't speak for themselves?

Cute rarely posts- Agnes has asked about me at least 4 times on another AF's thread earlier this June. 

and with you, making that [3] that did not heart, as approval.

The mystery of my being there with just 4-5 for 2 years.

I have no idea whom these girls are.


  I do appreciate the different posters throughout '17 - '18 asking about me. Just clearly up with continuous asking about me. 

 Several always ask, still,  about me, but no one had addressed that, from four @ wanting to know.

 I am cordial enough to comply with any confusion you may be, as wondering.   Thank you. Smiley Happy

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Re: Any new books? @CareBears

@NAES1 Duane is still battling with his skin, the pill and the cream from the Mayo clinic does not seems to be working that well, and they informed him that is all they can do for him, they screwed up his hospital bill so bad and mine for that matter, it is driving me nuts, we have tried to  just a copy of the hospital bill and all they send is a form letter no break down of charges or anything, what are we supposed to just accept their word, they double billed me for a test I never even had, so their track record is not that great, oh what would life be without stress?  I am still not sleeping well, maybe 2 hours a night, but hey it is me, better get used to it  I have been reading up a storm, the new Nicholas Sparks book I thought was very enjoyable, the latest Jan Karon Prayer book was very inspiring, and of course I love my Christmas books!  I think of all of you very often, but between taking care of Mittens, Kitty Kitty and Rodnie, and YES Montie has resurfaced, Praise be to God, they keep me on my toes, especially Mttens, and tis the season to bake, and always cleaning and organizing, just keeping busy busy!