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Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

I have loved to read since elementary school.  I enjoy all genres but mainly love mystery/suspense/science fiction.  Have read the vast majority of Stephen King except the DARK TOWER series,  and THE BLACK HOUSE written I believe with Peter Straub.  The DT did not interest me at all and the BH I tried 4 times to read and just couldn't; for some strange reason it did not hold my interest.


THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN I struggled with.  Was interesting in the beginning, dragged for me in the middle then finally picked up at the end.  Have not seen the movie yet.


I really try to finish whatever book I'm reading, I feel like a failure if I don't...LOL.  And I NEVER reread a book.  I can see a movie 25 times, but can't reread a book.


How about you?



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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  Audio download, the reader did a GREAT job with accents.  I was better than halfway through and realized...I didn't care...about any of it.  Although I WOULD like to meet a man like Jaime.Woman Wink  I love time travel stories and big books, so I'm not sure why I didn't care for this one.  Maybe I'll give it another chance.


Another was Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King).  Again, better than halfway through and it was just too weird, bordering on stupid. 


I almost never reread a book.  In fact I can't think of any I HAVE reread.


I used to want to finish any book I started but realized life is short and there are lots of good books waiting.


Good topic.  Thanks for starting it.

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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

Occasionally.  Life's just to short to read a book I don't enjoy.  I joined a book club at my local library once, and found myself forcing myself to finish the book selections in time for the meetings -- the choices just did not interest me.  I dropped the book club.

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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

I could not finish The Shining!  TOO SCARY!!!  And I had aready seen the movie!

Just too much for me (at the time I was about 22y/o)


The only book I have ever reread was THE STAND.  Second greatest book ever!!

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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

I don't read as much as many on this board.

I will try very hard to finish any audible book, even if it's difficult to do. The last one, I increased the speed to get through.

I'm sure there are other books I never finished reading, but the one I specifically recall is Stephen Kings's book about the time traveler trying to stop Kennedy's assasination. I actually remember liking the book and am unsure why I stopped. But, once I did, I just couldn't pick it back up again.

I also thought I finished "Room", but truly don't remember reading what happened in the movie, so I wonder if I never finished that either!!LOL
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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

"All Quiet on the Western Front" - too upsetting


I finished "The Shining" but had nightmares for quite awhile. Didn't help that I finished reading it in Colorado!!!

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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

I always finish books that I start, however there is one exception. I just couldn't finish Reconstructing Amelia.....I will try to re-read it at a later date, but just could not get into it......I re-read a lot of books, love doing that even though I know the storyline, in a lot of cases I re-read them much later on like years and years down the road, so if you read as much as I do, you don't forget them, but you forget the little things that happen in them.....I re-watch movies that I really love as well. 

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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

For me there are to many books out there to force myself to finish one I don't like. I picked one up a few months ago and within three chapters there were so many different characters  I almost got a pen to write them down and sort out. Came to my senses and returned it to the library. I'll give a book a few chapters and if I'm not drawn in, back it goes.

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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

oh gosh yes. like you, i've loved books since i was a child. i always had one and mom bought me whatever i chose. if a book doesn't hold my interest from the start, or it takes me days to pick it up again, then i just ditch it. just recently i couldn't finish 2 of jodi piccoult's books. it didn't hold my interest very long. 

i never reread a book either, nor watch a movie more than once. 


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Re: Any Books You Just Couldn't Finish??

More than I care to admit!