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I have on and off over the years. I am currently in an off period. Meaning I am only reading one book. 


I use to have one at work and one at home, but now at work I tend to walk in the morning and afternoon with some of my co-workers so I only read my book that I have at home. 

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Never have, because I don't just read a book - I dwell in it.

Can't "live in" more than one novel at a time.

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I keep several going at one time and have since I started reading.   One at the office, one in my car, (especially when I had to wait in school lines), one for my stationary bike reading, and the biggest and thickest books are for my recliner.  I have a stack of 10 to take back to the library after work today.  Reading several books at one time is a joy.

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I have before, but I prefer not to..

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I read 2 or more books at a time. Just finished the newest Louise Penny book. It's her 18th book re Three Pines, getting repetitious.

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I generally am reading two books at a time and also listen to an audiobook when I'm in the car, walking or doing things around the house.

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I do AUDIO books......... and I listen 2 two at a time........ONE in the car and one when I am home.  I really like bouncing back and for between them right now I'm finishing THE KIND WORTH SAVING  by Peter Swanson, (and yes I did listen to his previous THE KIND WORTH KILLING ......enjoy his writing.  

I am also listening to the School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister, which I am also enjoying.......


So far my MAY books on order are:


ONE TRUE LOVES by Taylor Jenkins Reid

BEARTOWN by Fredrick Backman



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I doubt I could keep track of two thriller mysteries at a time.


I'm amazed at how many of you can keep 2 or more going at the same time. Cat Very Happy