philosophy: live in hope, dream in hope

by on ‎09-24-2013 12:15 PM

Simple skincare for beautifully radiant skin? Sound too good to be true? We ask you to take the philosophy challenge! Two steps in the morning and two steps in the evening. It's that easy to get great looking skin!


When philosophy was created in 1996 by Cristina Carlino, she wanted to bridge the gap of skin care you could buy at a retail store and science-based skincare.


philosophy gives women skin care that is easy to use, multitasking, and truly fits into women's busy lifestyles. Products are formulated with great ingredients, delivering results that you can see and feel...even if you just use one product! All because Cristina believed that all women deserve to have great-looking skin, the ability to buy skincare at an affordable price, and easy access to purchase these products.


Tonight we will be presenting our Today's Special Value® live in hope, dream in hope four-piece skin care system, which gives you the best value possible, the best price of the year, and Easy Pay!


Our live in hope, dream in hope system has our award winning cleansers: purity made simple and microdelivery exfoliating wash, plus our award-winning moisturizers: hope in a jar and hope in a jar night.


At philosophy, we truly believe that the best cosmetic is great-looking skin. Join us on September 28th at midnight. You will not have to hope for great skin care any longer...your dream will have come true!


dara lynn:



"This set represents the very best in philosophy skin care, products I recommend the most to help give you impeccable-looking, beautifully radiant, glowing skin. All you have to commit to is a minute in the morning and a minute in the evening before bed. I hope you can join us on this very special day where we will show you how to achieve skin you are proud to own and show off! All this is possible when you live and dream in hope."


heidi guest:



"I am so proud to offer this set for our customers. Not only is it our best science-based skin care, but it is also so simple to use, and so easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Whenever I introduce someone to philosophy, this is where we start. There has not been one person that I have personally introduced to this night and day skin care story who hasn’t been impressed with what they see in the mirror. You will notice what every woman of every skin type notices when they live and dream in hope: radiance reclaimed, impeccable smoothness, and clarity redefined. It's amazing that something so easy to do yields such beautiful results, taking skin from ordinary to extraordinary."


mari lyn meier:

Mari Lyn


"What I love about this Today's Special Value is that EVERYONE can be included; no skin type required. You only have to be able to answer one important question: "Do I want the best skin i have ever owned?"


At philosophy, we believe that everyone can enjoy the freedom of going makeup-free…and still get compliments. We call that makeup-optional skin. This collection was created to simplify your skin care routine, and give you outstanding results. It offers exactly what you need to achieve super clean, hydrated skin. And, it's super easy....two steps in the morning, two steps at night.


I am often asked what skin care I use, and of course it's all philosophy. I try everything, but always come back to the basics and the originals, purity made simple and hope in a jar. Two products that catapulted this amazing brand into popularity and redefined how I see my own skin. Why? Because you see and feel results after one use. I'm not kidding! purity made simple is THE BEST cleanser I have ever used. It really is that one-step cleanser that removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin comfortable, not tight. I actually look forward to washing my face at night now. hope in a jar changed how we look at traditional moisturizers, challenging the notion that a moisturizer was only meant to moisturize and it couldn't be lightweight. This moisturizer fits everyone, and its whipped texture is so refreshing on the skin and doesn't leave a trace of residue. My skin drinks it in and stays hydrated all day.


I'm so excited that we have also offered their partner products in this collection! And the big news....our first time-specific moisturizer, worthy of the hope in a jar namehope in a jar night! I have been loving this luxe dream cream. It snuggles my skin and is extra hydrating for the nighttime. Just what we all need to wake up looking rested, not rattled.

So rest easy, this is a dream come true!"


the philosophy team