Wow, What a Journey!

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Wow, what a journey. 28 years ago, I accepted the incredible offer from a fledgling cable network to come to work for them as a host.  QVC was still in its infancy and was looking for “on air talent”.  Those simple words did everything but factually describe me as a human being in 1989.


I had been on TV a few times doing standup comedy while living in San Francisco but nothing that was noteworthy or even worth remembering.  Anything that might be considered “talent,” was still left up to others to decide. Today marks a milestone of having spent half of my life here at the “Q,” and my feelings of thankfulness are hard to describe. 


I have been blessed beyond my credit, accomplished more than even I could have expected, and overcome obstacles that others said were insurmountable.  For someone who has spent the last 28 years of their life on America’s most successful Television network I define the image of a square peg in a round hole in every way. 


I am usually uncomfortable talking about myself, especially about my past, but may I share my story with you?  For any of you who have been kind enough to watch me for all these years, I think you might be surprised to meet the “real Dan Hughes”.  As you read this I can honestly say that I am a man with few complaints. Successes come with effort, and there are few participation trophies in the business world. I, maybe more than anyone else, am amazed at how the first half of my life has turned out. For you see, my life has long been a list of failures….


(me as a child)

Dan - Childhood.jpg

As a child, I had a speech impediment that was so severe that an elementary school administrator told my parents that I was most likely “retarded.”  Long before psychologist had a diagnosis for ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyper-activity Disorder) I was simply labeled as a “problem child,” and my parents were asked to hold me out of school for one year. I started Kindergarten one year later than my friends. My friends would ask me why I wasn’t in school like they were, and I did not have the answer. I knew I struggled with things and I felt left out by my limitations.


By the age of ten I had memorized the batting averages of every single starting player in Baseball’s major leagues for the previous year but could not do simple math in my head. A teacher in that year called me “stupid,” in front of the class while I was at the chalkboard when the numbers in front of me became a blur, and my mind shut down. She was the teacher…so she must have been correct. I went back to my desk, shamed, and cried. She told the other students to ignore me, that I was only looking for attention … she was wrong. Attention has long been my biggest nightmare. I have never sought out the spotlight and the thought of standing up in front of even the smallest of crowds still makes my knees tremble even today at age 56. Every day at work requires 20 minutes of meditation before I can step in front of the cameras and do what I do.


I had never heard the term “dyslexia” before the 5th grade but at least my loving parents now had a reason to help them understand my low reading skills and my struggle with spelling.  As crazy as this might sound, writing has become one of my greatest passions. When I was younger writing was a 3-headed beast that I could not slay.  Even today it takes me many more hours to write and spell check the simplest of paragraphs and I am sure you have caught more than a few mistakes in my proofreading. 


I still dread hitting the “send key,” wondering what my brain might have missed and worried that I might be found out.  That fear does not prevent me from writing.  It only inspires me to work harder and overcome. There are few roadblocks in life unless you consider them to be so… only obstacles.


I had no clue that I was color blind until my junior year in High School when a text book with pretty circles with numbers in them, showed me a number that my classmates did not see. I have since found out that 8% of males and 0.5% of women are effected by the same affliction. It never bothered me.  I am an emotional guy by nature and a sunset to me is just as impactful as is might be to you.  I may not see the colors you see but I feel everything you do, maybe even more.  It has only been in the last few years that I have grown comfortable enough in my own skin that I have mentioned my color blindness while on air.  It is the least of my afflictions and the one that could have cost me my television career at QVC.


 I faked my way through my first 2 years at QVC by studying every aspect of gemstones and jewelry and using descriptive language for colors my eyes could not perceive. My plan worked well until one day when someone back stage accidently got the product line up confused and I presented an amethyst ring as the most beautiful blue topaz…oops.  My boss at the time, and one who will always be a dear friend, called me into his office during a tape review and simply asked me, “Where you even paying attention …are you color blind?”


That was the first time that my limitations were ever questioned at QVC and his response to my answer of, “Yes sir…I am,” was answered with a response I will never forget. “Why didn’t you tell me that when I hired you?”   I told him it was difficult to admit that I was deficient in some areas that come so easily to others and that I didn’t want to let him down or the company.  He stared me straight in the eyes and said, with a smile, “You’re horrible at jewelry, but you’re good at what you do. I’m pulling you from future jewelry shows but let’s find out what you’re really good at.  I didn’t hire you to be like everybody else, I hired you, just to be yourself!”


(me being myself with Paul Kelly)

Dan and Paul.jpg

I was 30 years of age at that time, and I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I teared up in his office that day.  I had spent so much wasted energy trying to “be like everyone else”. Trying to fit into a world I felt anything but comfortable in.  It is hard to admit that my earlier years were fraught with half-truths and even lies to cover my limitations.  This man, (his name is John and he has since moved on from QVC,) could have chastised me.  He could have fired me for lying on air…but he didn’t.  Instead he chose to inspire me to be better than my afflictions.  John if ever read this, thank you for being a leader and not just a boss.


In simple words, he defined what QVC has always been.  I am shorter than average, I have lost most of my hair over the years, my teeth are not perfectly white and straight and I do not fit the common image of what a “TV personality,” represents today in society.  I am just …me.  The people who have employed me over the years have always had one singular commonality. They have only asked for my best, whatever that might be. That gratitude of humanity cannot be fully expressed.


A “handicap,” is only what you believe in yourself, and a label you choose to wear, only if you listen to the negative factors around you. I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have been lucky enough to have had those few people around me that decided to label me as just different… not deficient. My parents never gave up. Tutors 5 nights a week for years and a handful of incredible teachers that saw something that even I could not see…. 


(my parents on their wedding day, see any resemblance?)



Mr. Lee, my 7th grade science teacher at Eastwood Middle School, who felt my struggle and took the time to notice the social interactions with me and my friends, who would one day ask me to get up in front of the class each morning …. And tell a joke for extra credit. (It was those extra credit points that allowed me to pass his course.) He knew I needed the positive reinforcement that comes from making others laugh and the acceptance of others that comes from it.


A Sophomore English teacher named David Fruits should have flunked me, but instead gave me a chance at a passing grade if I accepted his challenge of joining his speech and debate team.  As a teacher, he could have over looked me and spent more time on the gifted students, but he didn’t. He changed my life.  The gut wrenching fear of public speaking was less than the fear of failing his class and having to again admit defeat to my parents once again. I accepted his challenge and have been accepting them every day since. I somehow passed grammar and English under his guidance and went on to win 3 national awards for original oratory.


In 2009, thirty years after my high school graduation, I received a phone call at my home from Mr. Fruits.  He had long since retired from teaching but for whatever reason, he had remembered me. I was surprised. North Central High School in Indianapolis was a huge school in 1979.  In the graduating class that I barely made my way through, there have been Space shuttle astronauts, a Navy Admiral, NFL stand outs, and a friend of mine who is a Harvard Law graduate and has been chief counsel to two American Vice Presidents.  But David Fruits called me …   We spoke for over an hour and I continually voiced to him my thankfulness for his kindness and direction.  The conversation ended with him simply saying, “Well Danny, I just tried to make a difference in your life and make you see opportunities that you couldn’t see for yourself.”  Four weeks later his spouse sent me his obituary by e-mail.  He never mentioned his stage 4 cancer in our conversation.


Most of my skill set has been based on verbal skills and memorization.  I wake up each morning at 3:00 AM so that I can devote enough time to my product research because it takes me longer to read than most people.  If you look, you’ll see I rarely have note cards during my presentations.  I memorize everything for that day. I ask someone back stage what colors a product is available in and memorize the colors and the order in which they are displayed. Unlike you, I have learned over the years to read in sentences and full paragraphs instead of individual words.  I will never complain about the extra effort.  I will always and ever be, thankful for the opportunity.


On a balance sheet, my failures far outweigh my success in life, but the failures are all forgotten if you keep striving for successes.  When my daughter was born, I was very worried that my afflictions would become her own, they did not.  She is a brilliant and independent woman with her master’s degree in journalism and doing all she can to change the world for the better.


(my daughter on her wedding day)



I have been happily married for 16 years to a wonderful woman who acknowledges my challenges but refuses to allow me to use them as an excuse in life. 


(my wife Kelly and our beloved Murphy)



I am finally happy.  I might always struggle with a feeling that I am unworthy of my own success, but my own personal score sheet is balanced heavily in favor of joy.  Most of my closest friends have been in my life for 25 years or more …life is good.


You have read my rantings so far so let me finish by saying this. QVC has never been just about “products.”  Those of you who have been fans over the years understand this fact.  It is about people.  Just simple everyday people, who have risen to the challenge of being more than ever expected.  I work with inventors every day who have risked everything to achieve just a tiny slice of the “American dream.”  I don’t work on commission, and none of my fellow hosts do, but I hope that my presence and my efforts have made a difference in those individuals’ lives.  That is my greatest success.  I have been blessed to have made a pretty good living over the years and my gratitude towards QVC for giving me that opportunity is without measure.


I hope that the message that I try my best to voice every day, inspires someone to do more than they ever thought capable of….  If I can do it, anyone can.  We limit ourselves only by what we except within.


My favorite quote is, “We cannot change those things that we tolerate.”  I do not know who said it, and I do not wish to plagiarize, but it has long been my mantra and a phrase I repeat in my head every day. 


(me every day at the Q)



Thanks to all of you, who have allowed me to just be me, for the last 28 years. Thank you for this half of my life.  Thank you for inspiring me with your kindness and thank you for inviting me into your homes.  I look forward to the future and feel blessed every day. 




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Wow!!! Thank you for your thoughtful insight into parts of you none of your viewers could ever know! What an inspiration for everyone with challenges (and I think if we're honest, most of us have some, whether we are aware or not!) I have always enjoyed your presentations, think fondly of meeting you in Myrtle Beach at NASCAR Cafe a long time ago, and now admire you even more for your openness and honesty! I've always admired you for just being "you" on air. Thank you for all the years you've shared with us, hoping to be sharing many, many, many more! Wishing you good luck, good health and good times! 

on ‎06-13-2017 08:56 AM

As a retired LD/ English teacher( just a little older than you) , I am happy you gave a voice to all the others who have faced similar challenges. I'm proud of you! I started watching QVC in 1986 while caring for my mother who had Altzheimers. Always like watching you and hearing about your Christmas lights and animals. Carry on!🌶🌶🌶



on ‎06-13-2017 09:17 AM

Wow, just wow! I am not a very articulate person. It isn't my forte. I came here from FB and to hear your FB live. I was just going to say that I have enjoyed watching you all of these years, and to even admit that I have always had a crush on you lol! But after reading your blog, I'm reduced to tears. Thank you for sharing your story. So many struggle with things we cannot imagine and we need to remember that and treat people with kindness always! (BTW, I'm a color blind woman!)  I will remember that quote. I hadn't heard it before and it gives one pause. Happy Anniversary!

on ‎06-13-2017 09:26 AM

hey dan, just wanted to tell you that i enjoy watching you on the Q and i enjoy reading your blogs,from one hoosier to another keep up the good work.and i can can assure you that Indiana is proud to call you a native son

on ‎06-13-2017 09:40 AM

Dan  - how wonderful of you to tell your story! Have watched you since 1993 when you and Pat hosted the new "Morning Show". Have dear memories of Murphy as we are a golden retriever family. I always enjoy you and am so glad you have been with QVC all this time. Please continue to be who you are - nice, funny, professional and a good soul!


God bless you and your family!

on ‎06-13-2017 10:11 AM

Thanks Dan, love your story and love watching you on the Q . Ever think about going into politics? No right?

Be watching for you in July love your Christmas show!

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Dan I just read this and I have to admit I was tearing up reading your story and first off Thank You so much for sharing this with all of us. To see where you were and how far you have come is so inspirational to everyone. I have been with QVC since almost the beginning and have so enjoyed watching you. I was drawn to watching you because you are so down to earth and "REAL" and that is what I love about you. You are not afraid to joke on camera which is another thing I love about you and this is why it is so easy and fun to watch you. I am so glad and thankful you had so many people helping you along the way and people still help you when needed. As you have seen in the past there are people that have horrible things to say about you and just ignore those people cause they are not worth the time. Some just have nothing better to do than say mean things about people and life is way to short to even care what they say. Oh my gosh watching your live chat this morning and bringing up Murphy just made me smile. I LOVED Murphy and it was so special to see him on the Q Smiley Happy and I cried when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I love how you share your furbabies with us and please keep that up cause I love seeing their pics on FB. BTW I have to say I am so used to seeing your hairless that seeing the pics of you with hair you don't look right LOL, you are more handsome bald Smiley Happy I am so happy to hear you are and will continue to be on the Q and I will keep watching ya, Love Ya Dan Heart



on ‎06-13-2017 11:07 AM

Thank you for sharing this amazing successs story!   I think you do a terrific job as a QVC host and always thought of you as a very kind and humble person with a magnetic personality.   Now, having learned of the obstacles you have faced,  I am challenged to look past some of my own problems and develop a new "attitude of gratitude" for the positive things in my life.   God bless you for who you are and the way you are impacting those whose life you touch.

on ‎06-13-2017 11:18 AM

Dan, you have moved me to tears.  I don't usually read the blogs here but I have been watching you for decades and always thought of you as such a nice guy, so I read it and am I glad I did!  One character trait I admire in people is humility and you have displayed that here in your post.  God's blessings to you!

on ‎06-13-2017 11:24 AM

Dan just a simple Thank You very much

You are loved, take care  


on ‎06-13-2017 11:40 AM

I have always loved you as a host.  The presentations are spot on so the planning you do is evident on air.  Loved reading the post.  QVC is more than a network it is a family of hosts and customers. Good health to you and the family (and the extended family) Dan and keep up the excellent presentations on the Q. Keep writing as well.  It is good for all of us to show we are all human with strengths and limitations.  It is what we do with both that matters.

on ‎06-13-2017 02:55 PM

I'm so glad you decided to tell your story.  Everyone has a unique story of their life I think. I love to hear them. I had no idea of your struggles, but you are one great guy. I admire you so much for all the hard work you do every day, I love watching you.  You are effortless in your presentations and so much fun to watch.  I too have been watching you most of your 28 years.  I love qvc because they are like family and you can tell by have many host are still there that they are a pretty good company to work for.  I am happy you found your loving wife, whom I know loves you for who you are, which is what we all want in our lives.  God bless you Dan and I hope you have many more years in your wonderful life you have made, with love and hard work.  You certainly deserve all good things in life.  Hope you have many more years at QVC too. I will continue to watch you.  You are a great host!!!  Love you!

on ‎06-13-2017 03:18 PM

Dan, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and story.  As a teacher it really struck "home".  As a viewer I have always enjoyed your presentations and rapport with the other hosts (especially Pat) and presenters.  I truly enjoy your humor and on-air presence.  QVC has been lucky to have you,  Here is to the next 28!

on ‎06-13-2017 03:26 PM

Your blog brought tear to my eyes.   God bless and please continue with the work you love.    

on ‎06-13-2017 03:45 PM

Congratulations on your well deserved success!  As a long time teacher I was so moved by your struggles in school.  I pray every day that I can be like Mr. Fruits each time I step into the classroom.  Thank you for your courage and inspiration.

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Dan, I have been with QVC since the CVN days and I remember your first day!  So happy your life is so blessed.  Toy are such a pleasure to watch.  You always make me smile!  Someone commented they have a 25 year pin....I would love to have one!

on ‎06-13-2017 04:37 PM

I have always enjoyed you as a host, your honesty and humor.  This post makes me like you even more.  I wish you many years of health and happiness.  You are truly one of the good guys.  

on ‎06-13-2017 07:41 PM

What a great story Dan, I would never have guess always enjoyed watching you, you are Great.

on ‎06-13-2017 07:42 PM

Dan, Have always LOVED YOU. (also, LOVE MR. KELLY) Where is Mr. Kelly? THANK YOU TO your lovely wife Kelly. She indeed is a gem you are worth for such a lovely lady. As I sitting here crying ( tears of JOY) YOU ARE THE BEST. THANK YOU KELLY. He deserves the best and YOU are definately IT!!!!!!!

on ‎06-13-2017 07:59 PM



Thank you for a wonderful message here.....never give up!  And, congratulations on your success at QVC!  You are one of my favorites!!!  I love your humor and sincerity when people call into the show.  You are one of the best!!!  I wish you continued success, happiness and good health as you go forward.  You deserve all good things!


Thanks for making us smile!



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You have worked harder than the average bear to achieve any success that you enjoy now.  There is no shame in embracing your success and enjoying all you've accomplished.  



I'm so happy that there were angels along the way who avoided labeling you and encouraged you to be the best 'you' out there.



P.S. I'm in the same age range as you and if I could take a trip in the 'way back' machine, I'd belt the school administrator who was cruel to the "little you" and your parents.  Woman Wink

on ‎06-13-2017 09:43 PM

Dan:  What a beautiful and inspiring post!  You are one of my favorite hosts and I have been a customer for years.  My favorite was you, Pat and Murphy on the Morning Show.  I love your dry sense of crack me up!  Your honesty and integrity is so evident when you are on air.  There is no pretense or ego.  You are a regular should be very proud of yourself.  I prayed for you when you were sick and was so glad to see you bounce back!  God is good!  Take care of yourself and may God bless you and your family.  Many more years of happiness and good health!

on ‎06-13-2017 10:11 PM
Dan, I always enjoy watching you on the "Q"! Your story is an inspiration. We all have our problems & doubts in life and it is surely the way in which we deal with them that creates our successes & failures. Some things just can't be helped, but not giving up is the key. A positive mindset goes a long way and of course, the help of the Good Lord above. Thanks for sharing your story. You didn't have to and we would have been none the wiser. It was well written and the pictures were a delightful added bonus. God bless you!
on ‎06-13-2017 11:15 PM

Thanks for sharing.  I too was saved by a teacher giving me impetus to be one and then Pay It Forward.  This is the first time I have ever posted to a Blog.  I am so thankful to have found your beautiful story. 

on ‎06-14-2017 06:46 AM

Oh Dan~  You are a true inspiration! Gifted and very giving in sharing your story because you never gave up !!!  Thank you so much. Always love watching you & learning from you. Plus you make it fun. QVC is so lucky to have you on their team! KC

on ‎06-14-2017 09:20 AM

Congrats on your 28 year milestone. I always enjoy watching your presentations. Thank you for sharing all you have overcome. Your an inspiration. God bless and I hope you have many more years with the Q. 

on ‎06-14-2017 10:44 AM

Thank you Dan for sharing something so personal. A career of 28 years with the same company is a true accomplishment and cause to celebrate !!  (To quote my husband "I love it when the good guys win").

I am putting your mantr in my quote book and who knows ??  The writing project I am working may lead me to QVC !!

Many, many blessings to you and your beautiful family and my best wishes and prayers for your continued success.


Again: Thank you Dan.

on ‎06-14-2017 12:18 PM

Dan, you have been a favorite host of mine since your always make me laugh because you are human...Thank you for sharing and I am so glad that you found QVC as an extended family. Be Happy in life and keep sharing your sunshine and are an amazing man...


on ‎06-14-2017 02:01 PM

I just watched your video and was thrilled to hear that you are doing work on dyslexia.  I run a Montessori school in a state, Virginia, where dyslesia is not considered a "learning disability.  Therefore children with dyslexia don't get the finding and help they need.  At the most, they get ocupational therapy.  I sincerely hope you can get things moving towards acceptance..Beth

on ‎06-14-2017 02:29 PM

Thank you for sharing your life.  It is a beautiful and inspiring story.  You are a wonderful person and a great host because of your positive thinking and your hard work. May God continue to bless you on the second part of your life.

on ‎06-14-2017 05:43 PM

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story.  I am a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) and totally understand the challenges you have faced and overcome.  You are a true inspiration to our kids who work so hard to succeed in life.

I am going to reprint your story to bring to my meetings to help our kids and parents to be more aware and to see how success is out there if everyone is willing to work for it!


Thank you again.


on ‎06-14-2017 05:57 PM

What a wonderful inspiring story. I always thought highly of you, now more so! 

on ‎06-14-2017 08:48 PM

 Thank you for sharing your story. We go through life not realizing that other people have the same struggles in life that we do. Your story was both inspiring and uplifting. You were always one of my favorite hosts, mainly because you are  you.  I would never have guessed that you had any kind of a learning disability. You are a success story for parents that are struggling with children with learning disabilities. Keep up the good work and hope to see many more years of you on QVC.

on ‎06-15-2017 01:15 AM
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! I have always enjoyed you on the Q and now have even more respect for the work you do. As a fellow Eastwood and North Central alum, I am happy to hear of another successful graduate. Keep up the good work you do and never stop being yourself. Be the best "you" you can be!
on ‎06-15-2017 06:06 AM
Dan, Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. I always enjoy you. None of us are perfect and you are living proof that you should never give up. You have to work for what you want. Thanks for being you. Look forward to watching you for many more years on The Q. 😃👌🏻God bless.
on ‎06-15-2017 09:04 AM

Congratulations on your anniversary, Dan!  Who knew you overcame so much.  As a host, I find you above all upbeat and funny, and interesting... you are one of the mainstays there.  I remember well your morning show with Pat, and especially the days with Murphy - we all loved him.  God Bless and continued success. Your story is inspirational!

on ‎06-15-2017 10:13 AM

Wow, Dan ... You need to write a book or be a motivational speaker! Your story is truly inspiring. I'm sure most of us have received negative feedback in some way that has hurt us in the past. (I had a teacher embarrass me about my shyness in front of the entire band in tenth grade.) The human psyche is delicate, and his comment only made me more shy and withdrawn. Your story shows that a little kindness goes a long way. Thank you for choosing to tell your story. You've always been a favorite of respectful, courteous, and kind. You always do an outstanding job in delivering the information that we need about a product. QVC is very fortunate to have you. Blessings to you and your family. (I'll be watching for you to write a book! There are plenty of us who need your inspiration, as well as plenty of children and parents struggling with problems similar to those you have dealt with.) Heart

on ‎06-15-2017 10:49 AM

You are my favorite hosts and I have to be careful when you are on air because you can sell ice water on a winter day.  Love to see your pups and wife on air and of course loved Murphy.  Don't go changing - you are fine as is!!!  :-)  

on ‎06-15-2017 12:50 PM

Hi Dan, congratulations. You are one of my favorite hosts on QVC. I love your humor. I love your honesty. I loved all the NASCAR shows that you did. I liked when you admitted on air that you are colored blind. You should check out those sunglasses I've seen on tv that enable people who are colorblind to see colors.


Glad you are happy and glad you have Murphy. Speaking of which QVC should bring I  stuff for our furbabies.


Good luck in your life and I hope you stay with QVC for many more years. 



on ‎06-16-2017 08:46 PM

What a wonderful story.  Thank you for sharing this Dan  I can identify with a horrible fear of public speaking.  From one Hoosier to another...Thank you for inspiring me and God bless!

on ‎06-16-2017 10:17 PM

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put words to paper. I salute the courage to share so much of the authenic You with you legion of faithful fans. God bless you and yours!

on ‎06-17-2017 12:39 PM

Beautifully written, Dan. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. 

on ‎06-17-2017 07:26 PM

Dan Dan you're the man!--I have watched you and Pat when you both did the morning show--I remember when Murphy visited the set--I remember when you got married to Kelly--I soo enjoy watching you--you are hilarious--what a wit!--just funny "off the cuff" things you say--you are a gentlemen in every sense of the word--keep healthy and continue making QVC a happy place so shop--all the best to you--I must give you a hug--and I must give you a kiss--xo--mary from nj

on ‎06-19-2017 03:10 PM

Dan you are an amazing person God Bless you and I do enjoy your shows with Carloyn.

on ‎06-19-2017 04:24 PM

Dan, you sure weren't kidding with the title of your blog!!! You've always been one of my favorite hosts but I now have a new level  of admiration for you! I watch you as often as possible even if you're presenting an item I'm not interested in purchasing. I also very much enjoy watching Kelly when she's on with the dogs. She's beautiful and very lovely. And the dogs - I want to bring them home!! I wish you a much easier, happier and healthier future. May God bless you and your family.

on ‎06-20-2017 12:08 AM
Dan, this blog is a gift. I am a CALT, which means Certified Academic Language Therapist ("dyslexia" therapist). After many years as an elementary school teacher, working with children and families who were struggling in exactly the way you describe; I went back to graduate school and obtained two additional masters degrees. The first is in dyslexia therapy and the second is in psychometry. This means I am able to work as an educational diagnostician (academic testing) and as a dyslexia therapist. I am completely passionate about my work, because I feel so strongly that early diagnosis and remediation can ease the struggle these kids endure. Almost every day I meet with parents and hear heartbreaking stories of a parent's struggle in school, and hear them tell of their deep fear that their child may also have the same learning profile. I can't begin to tell you how many times, as I discussed the true nature of the dyslexia – not the myths- a parent would break down in tears as they suddenly understood why their life had been so hard~ And, more importantly , that they weren't "stupid"~ there is a legitimate REASON for their academic struggles. I work with many older teens and young adults, who are quite often broken by the system; and completely discouraged by the time they get to me. I'll look forward to sharing your blog with families – what a powerful message of hope and inspiration your story is! Your themes of hard work and perseverance in the face of great challenge, are an inspiration; and your courage in sharing your story will undoubtedly bless all who read your words. I am a fan, not only of your QVC work, but of you personally. Rock on, Dan !!
on ‎06-20-2017 10:27 AM

Dear Dan,

Thank you for sharing your story with us! I ahve enjoyed watching you since the beginning on QVC and I

would have never know that you had such difficulties!  You are a great host and watching you is fun and

informative!  Keep up the good work and QVC is very lucky to have you as a host!  All the best!

on ‎06-22-2017 12:50 PM

Thank you Dan for your wonderful story. My grandson struggles with ADHD. He has wonderful teachers that work with him and I believe he will be a success story as you are. Sharing your story with us is truly inspirational. God bless.

on ‎06-25-2017 01:32 AM
Hi Dan! Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are an inspiration to all, especially those with learning difficulties. I would never have guessed that you faced such obstacles in your childhood or, for that matter, as an adult. You are the consummate host with the knowledge, personality and drive to make the job your own. May you have many more years with QVC. We love you and hope to see you for a long time to come. Blessings to you and your family.
on ‎06-26-2017 06:52 PM

Dan,   What an amazing and inspiring story.  I have been a QVC family member since  the show first aired and do very nearly all of my shopping there.  I am now 79 years old, so do not get to shopping malls and I do not like them anyway.  When I first became a customer, I was a restaurant owner working 7 days a week and was only 48 years old.  You had hair and I did not have wrinkles.  Where did that time go?   I hope your story motivates even one person who has similar struggles that you had.  Very proud of you.  One of my 8 children had many struggles because no one knew about all the learning disabilities that we now know exist.  Many of his teachers thought he was just lazy.  Sorry to say that I knew he was not lazy, but did not know what was wrong.  Thanks for sharing and I have always thought you were so up-beat and enjoy watching you.  Sincerely, Carole