Wonderful Wedding Wardrobes

by on ‎04-21-2011 05:51 PM

Weddings have always been a fascination of mine.  Even as a young boy, you can see from the little sketch one of my first "designs" was a wedding dress with a huge price tag. Smiley Happy  The idea of designing a wedding gown for the beautiful Kate Middleton was an exciting challenge.  I believe it had to have many different design aspects to make it the perfect royal wedding gown, but, then again, every bride wants her gown to be the most perfect for her special day.  For the future princes, I thought a very form fitted bodice of hand pleated duchess satin would be very elegant and show off her lovely figure.  A dropped waist is always a flattering look especially if you going to wear a large ball gown skirt, which I think is quite fitting for this wedding.  I have covered the skirt in various size silk organza "fully opened" cabbage roses that completely cover every inch of the skirt of the dress as well as the train.  The organza will give it a perfect lightness as she would move down the aisle. As for the veil, it is cathedral length attached to a diamond and pearl tiara (I am sure from the crown jewels) with a strapless dress.  I like opera length gloves and to finish it all off a bouquet only of lily of the valley.

Basso Sketch

My advice for all brides is to identify a style that you love and modify it for your height and figure.  The most important thing is not to get caught up in the "trend of the moment."  Many girls make that mistake and end up not looking their best.  The only way you will know is to try on as many dresses as possible.  The trick is when you put that dress on and a smile comes to your face and whomever you’re with – Mom, Dad, Girlfriends, etc. and everyone says it really looks amazing, it is time to stop looking.  Then it is time to fit that gown to make it your own!  It is also important to remember your gown should somewhat relate to the type and style of wedding you are having.  If you to choose to marry on the beach, the feeling clearly should be a little bit more casual.  As opposed to having a big church or temple wedding and a black tie gala in a big hotel or country club which lends itself to a more elaborate wedding dress.  Today, wherever you choose to purchase your dress from, always explain what type of a wedding you will be having and the sales associate who is experienced will help direct you the right way in styles that would be most suitable for your special day.  Most importantly, give yourself plenty of lead time as it often takes 6 to 8 months to order the dress of your dreams!!!!

Being a guest at a wedding is also a responsibility as you become part of the whole picture.  When one receives the invitation you get an idea of the type of wedding it will be - Day time, evening, large or small or casual or more dressy.  Of course the most formal of weddings will say "black tie" or "black tie optional" on the invitation.  That of course means tuxedos or dark suits for the men and cocktail dresses or gowns for the women.  For these types of weddings or even weddings that are held in the evening where people tend to dress up a little more, I have designed several items that would be just perfect.  One is a classic boat neck dress that comes in black or red (item number A214200) and this is a basic dress that can be dressed up with jewelry, a dress shoe in fabric and a small evening bag.  This can be worn to any type of evening wedding or one in the late afternoon.  Making it more dressy means just adding a little bit more sparkle!!!  Another great piece is a satin 3/4 jacket that comes in black or animal print that has black jet beading around the neck (item number A210468) this works perfectly with a simple black pencil skirt (item number A95038) or pant (item number A95037) and a very plan sleeveless top (item number A213399).  I have also designed a sheer black and white print flowy blouse (item number A214797) that can be worn with a little black or white dress or pants and a simple sleeveless top.  For day time and morning weddings I am always fond of a suit look.  One of my favorites for a spring/summer outfit is the printed cotton jacket (item number A214202) that looks wonderful with my white pant.  Another great jacket is a horizontal blue strip jacket (item number A214207) which is so crisp and spring like.  It would make a great look with a white skirt.  These are just a few ideas to get your imagination going.  Remember a wedding is a special day and you should have fun getting dressed as well.  I always say shop in your closet and be just a little daring.  Have Fun!  That's what dressing up is about!!!

Xoxox Dennis Basso