What's in their beauty bags? Meet the All Access Beauty Bloggers!

by on ‎04-06-2012 05:30 PM

Hi there!  I’m Jessica from QVC’s Social Marketing team.  When I’m not spending time with my family or working, you can usually find me hovered over my iPhone catching up on my favorite blogs.  I LOVE blogs and the fabulous people that write them.  So imagine my excitement that I get to spend my days doing all things social and (you guessed it!) working with bloggers. 

I’m thrilled to introduce you to seven beauty bloggers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with in preparation for our 25-hour All Access Beauty event.  Please meet Christine, Patrice, Jen, Daneen, Teri, Nancy and Rachel:


These bloggers try it all!  They’re hot on the beauty scene and know all the best brands and products and are constantly trying the latest products available.  Luckily for us, they share their findings right here on the web.

Tomorrow these ladies are going to divulge what’s in their personal beauty bags and share what their favorite products are with you! 

Find out what’s in their beauty bags!