What Kind of Look Are You Going For? Get It with Bracelets

by on ‎06-27-2013 12:43 PM

Today’s fashion innovation and focus is revolving around one piece of jewelry: the bracelet. It’s where you see stacking, textures, materials, and fresh looks. You can stick with what you know in earrings and necklaces if you only branch out on the wrist.

The most helpful question to start with is: what kind of look am I going for today? Casual, formal, professional, or fashionable? Once you decide that, you can tailor your bracelets to make the look.

Casual:  A casual look should look effortless, comfortable, and relaxed. This look typically means less on the wrist. An easy rule of thumb is two bracelets—or three—if they're small and understated. You can also bring in leather, and the casual look is the perfect place for a touch of it. Or, you can bring in different colors of metals and bracelets with stones if they’re accents and not the main focus of the piece. Keep the diamond looks low-key and colored gems small. You can bring in the black spinel look into your casual look, as black does not read as formally as a white diamond look. Go for more texture than sparkle and feel free to use the range of colors of metal, including the new black rhodium that’s so popular. In a casual look, your bracelets are one of the last things to catch your eye.

Professional: This is a look that says, "I know what I'm doing." And, here you want to look credible. This look is very safe if you’re sticking to the traditional three colors of gold and, again, the new black rhodium. Stick to one or two bracelets and make them simple and tailored. You can mix metals, but again, I would go easy on the diamond look; you don't want to look like you're wearing something from the party last night. You can go with bigger colored gems if the setting is more classic, simple, or clean. The black spinel look works well too, since it can have a strength to it. In a professional look, you want them to notice the bracelets, but you don't want them to lead.

Fashion: If you want to look like the fashionable girl, then start stacking. Depending on your style, you can bring almost any material into this look. As I mentioned with a casual look, you can bring in leather. But in a fashionable look, it’s almost a requirement. A touch of leather makes it look like you're on top of the jewelry trends. In our first two looks, you might wear two or three bracelets. Here, go for five. Bring in different textures and colors but try to have some common themes. An easy way to stack is to wear two of one style, two of another style, and one of a third. Make sure one doesn’t outshine the other; they have to catch your eye at the same time and that’s largely a function of sparkle. A good rule of thumb is two colors of metal and 2 colors of accent. You can layer bangles and cuffs with links and charms, but I would limit the dangles to one charm bracelet, or two bracelets with one charm dangling (like the G.I.L.I.(TM) for Bronzo Initial Bracelet) layered in between the others. This is a wearable version of a fashion look. Rock stars can wear a lot of crazy things. The rest of us are probably looking for something a little more wearable.

Formal: If you’re dressing up for a black tie affair or another formal occasion, then this is where you bring in the sparkle. In the world of formal, I would stick with one bold bracelet or two medium. Your traditional colors of gold are the safest bets and the white diamond effect is the best way to go. If you’re going bold on the wrist, it’s always safe to wear one substantial ring and bold earrings. Your eye can not process too many things at once, so if you have a wrist full of sparkly bracelets, and sparkle on your ears, and then a sparkly necklace, that’s a lot going on in one place. Also keep in mind how much "sizzle" is going on in your dress. People look at you as a total package, so the more elaborate the dress, the more you need to balance the jewelry. There’s nothing more fun than having the chance to dress up and really "shine."  We don't get to do it very often, but it just makes it more special when the opportunity arises.

Wow—that’s a lot stuffed into one blog, but I hope it helps. Bracelets are so much fun to play with--at least you’ve now got a place to start. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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