Wedding Day Advice for Courtney Cason!

by on ‎09-17-2014 12:42 PM

Some of our hosts want to offer their wedding day (& life beyond!) advice to the beautiful bride-to-be. Peek at their wedding day pictures and read their messages to Courtney!

Jane Treacy:

"Remember to breathe and enjoy your day! Nothing goes exactly as planned, and those are usually the moments you will treasure forever!"

Amy Stran:

"Try your very best at some point during the ceremony to look out at all of your friends and family that are there to celebrate this special moment with you and Aaron!"

Carolyn Gracie:

"Congratulations Courtney and Aaron!!  After 26 years together, my husband Mike, and I agree that three things are keys to a happy marriage (along with L-O-V-E of course!!) Compromise.....Teamwork....and Humor!!! Bend a little at times, help each other out without having to be asked, and make each other laugh!! The next 50 years will fly by!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!!"

Jill Bauer:

"Take time to step away from the wedding events and festivities to really SEE what is happening around you.  As the bride and groom, it's so easy to get caught up in all the fun and before you know it, the evening will be over, you won't have really seen everyone and everything, and you can't go back!  It's YOUR first celebration as husband and wife....make sure you're really able to have a birds eye view to enjoy the day and each other!"

Stacey Stauffer:

"Eat a good breakfast, Put away the cell phone and Don't sweat the small stuff!"

Antonella Nester:

"Don't expect perfect..things will happen the right way, things will happen the wrong way.... At the end of the day, you will be married to the one you love, and that's ALL the really matters!!! Good Luck & Good Love."

Albany Irvin:

"Learn to listen intently, be willing to compromise, say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong."

Jacque Gonzales:

"Enjoy the day and all of the love that will surround you!  I'm sending you and Aaron blessings for the happiest and closest of marriages!  (Make sure Lisa catches the bouquet like we made happen in my wedding!) Also, stop and eat at your reception - most couples get too busy to stop, eat and enjoy the moment TOGETHER! Smiley Happy  I can't wait to see pictures!  Love you!!!"

Sharon Faetsch:

"Don’t expect it to be too perfect. It just doesn’t exist, but remember it’s the little idiosyncrasies and the tiny imperfect moments that will make it your special day."

Gabrielle Kerr:

"Relax! Enjoy the party and appreciate everything! This is one of those rare happy occasions where you get to be with all of your friends and family in one place."

Sandra Bennett:

"After being with my husband for about a decade, I try to remember to treat him the way I treated him when we were first dating. It was so easy to be extra loving, kind, and a good listener. All relationships have their "ups" and "downs." The "up" times are easy. However, during the "down" periods, I make a conscious effort to turn on a little more "sparkle" by smiling at him more, giving more hugs, and making sure we are talking. It's that classic rule: Treat others like you want to be treated. I find it works wonders in a marriage."

Kerstin Lindquist:

"Never live parallel lives.  Despite having different careers and friends make sure you include your spouse in those at work events, happenings & relationships.  He should always be the one you want to tell everything first, no matter what the subject is."


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