The story of "Merlot" and "Milk Chocolate"

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Hi! My name is Merlot Olive Bear. I was born under this beautiful Christmas tree in the atrium at QVC. The atrium is the hub of QVC Studio Park and although, it is very exciting with lots of cool happenings and even cooler people, I prefer the quiet. So, I wait until most people go home to venture out.




During my late-night travels, I met up with Program Host, Albany Irvin. She is just the sweetest thing ever and showered me with love and affection ..... and LOTS of kisses.



I got a little hungry so I snuck into the cafeteria and got a bag of yummy chips. I left an I.O.U. on the counter and signed it, Rick Domeier. Look, the guy can afford it. : ) 



My belly was full so I took a nap on set and when I woke up, there was sweet Mary Beth holding a bear who kinda looked like me. Turns out, we hit it off immediately and "Milk Chocolate Bear" is now one of my very best friends! He's really cute and I kinda hope we will someday be more than friends. Mary Beth treated us to a lavish dinner and then we were on our way!



Next, we ran into Program Host, Shawn Killinger, who smothered us with more affection, more love and more kisses! She used us as a pillow and fell asleep. We snuck away as she napped. Milk chocolate wanted to watch football, so I decided to go window shopping.



On my way, I met Mari Lyn Meier from philosophy. And check it out, we matched!! She smelled soooooo good and I knew we would be friends for life! Mari Lyn had to go "prep for her next TSV" whatever that means, so again, I roamed the halls of QVC. 



I popped into a boardroom and met Associate Producer and PM Style chatter, Erin. She was a bit shy at first, but as you can see, she quickly warmed up to me. She even said, "I love Merlot!" ; ) 



I took a little nap and Milk Chocolate finished watching football and went to a Host meeting where he was scolded by David Venable. I don't understand why Milk Chocolate can't just be quiet and keep his nose clean ...... boys!!



I finally met up with Milk Chocolate and we talked about life, love and our future together! 





We talked all night and together, we decided to start a family and devote our lives to making people happy with our softly cuteness and warmth. We had several baby bears of different colors and we also gave birth to throws in matching colors! They are now for sale at QVC and their happiness strictly depends on being adopted by lovely families, such as yours! Won't you please take a set or two home with you just like Courtney Cason?! Look how happy she is!!



Courtney was asked what she thought about the Today's Special Value and she said: 

These throws are so amazing, I have 4 of them & when it starts getting cold, the fur babies like to curl up with me! They even started stealing mine so each animal has their own… and the kitties own the cheetah print.” : ) ~ Courtney Cason 


Which color is your favorite? My absolute favorite is Milk Chocolate, but then again, I am partial. He is my husband, after all. Leah Williams said she loves "pony" and well Mary Beth Roe, just loves everybody!


With love and affection,

Merlot Olive Bear