The Unbreakable Bond of LOVE

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Hi my friends,


I’m writing this blog to share with you one of the most personal designs I have ever created.  As many of you know, I have a 2 ½ year old daughter named Olive who is the light of my life. 




As the Creative Director of JAI Jewelry, I find myself traveling the world for weeks at a time.  As much as I love exploring and creating on behalf of JAI, I have to say, that after Olive was born I found it difficult to leave home.

I wanted to create something that would allow me to keep Olive with me no matter where in the world I was.  So I designed the ‘I LOVE’ ring. (The name ‘I LOVE’ comes from moving the letters in Olive’s name around).




The ring recreates the feeling of Olive’s little hand wrapped completely around my finger.  A symbol of the unbreakable bond that love creates.  It’s a beautiful reminder, that although Olive holds my hand for a moment in time, she has my heart forever.  On the inside of the ring, I engraved an open heart, where you can add the initials of your loved ones who hold your heart forever.  (My mom recently passed, so on the inside of my ring I engraved Olive’s initials and ‘Mom’)




The ‘I LOVE’ ring along with my wedding band are the two rings I wear every single day.  It was after wearing the ring on air that I received countless requests to bring the ring to QVC.  Many of the hosts also fell in love with the story and shared their desire to have one for themselves. 




It was at this time that the design took on a bigger meaning than just my Olive.  Many of you wanted it to symbolize the unbreakable bond you have with your own children & grandchildren.  Many said they wanted it as a reminder of the bond they have with their best friend and/or sister.   I also received several messages how it would symbolize loved ones who have passed on.  (This was also true for me).

I’m excited to bring this very special ring to you just in time for Mother’s Day.  I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought to me.  Please wear it in the best of health, share it with your loved ones, and always remember the power of LOVE.


Please join me on April 22nd at 2pm with Shawn when we launch the ring.  I’ll be back on Saturday, April 23rd with Kerstin at 9am and then again on Monday, April 25th with Jill at 1pm and lastly at 10pm with Jane on Wednesday, April 27th . 

I can’t wait to share the story and hear from each of you who’s unbreakable bond this ring symbolizes.


-Safe Travels /\ Scott


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