The LCNY static is BACK tomorrow & Happy Birthday to my babies!!!

by on ‎09-24-2013 02:56 PM

Hello my LCNY are You?  Guess what?  MBR and I are back for several more Wednesday mornings until the holiday crush starting on Wednesday, 9/25 at 9 AM.  We are so excited to see you and enjoy our much needed girl time.  I had a whole different direction to go with my blog today, which I will save for another time. I spent the weekend with my lovely daughters celebrating their 26th birthday and wedding dress shopping for MEGHAN.  First of all let it be known as only a mom can say I am the luckiest mom in the world to have my two darlings.  They are the wind in my sails and the beat in my heart.  When Meghan came out in the first dress, honestly I could not even see her. All I saw was the adorable little blonde in her dress and tappy shoes dancing around my house at 3 years old.  Stunningly beautiful, and ever soooooo happy.  After several hours of shopping and a couple of maybes......the birthday dinner was upon us.  We dissected each dress as only sisters and a mom can do.  From how it made her hips look, to color, pictures and what Matt would think.   But the over riding statement that continued to come up from the two of them will it look in the pictures 10 years from now?  P.S. that never even crossed my mind 31 years ago. She wants to look sophisticated and classic.  Who doesn't!!   Isn't that the over riding statement we all make.  Forget the pictures ten years from now, we all want to look that way today. Just in case you forgot..... LCNY is sophisticated, classic, trends that will be your friends long after you still want them, and figure flattering.  I say bring it on......join MBR and yours truly on Wednesday...we will bring the styles and you bring the coffee ( an apple cider donut would be awesome). The picture is of my 26 year old babies, where did the time go.

LindaSmiley Happy