Recreate Red-Carpet Hairstyles at Home

by Dan Sharp- T3 Lead Stylist on ‎02-14-2013 03:21 PM

Hi ladies,


I thought I'd check in with you in the middle of awards season to go over some of the biggest hair trends on the red carpet. The good news for all of you at home is that the looks are loose, soft, easy, and feminine, and allow for lots of flexibility and personalization in the finishes! I think the biggest trend on the RC was soft, romantic texture. Whether rough or finished, waves are everywhere. Although I can get beautiful waves with my FW2 and my T3 Tourmaline Barrel Brushes, non-professionals are more likely to get the best results with an iron. My faves are the T3 Twirl and Whirl irons. Whenever I'm using an iron, I always like to start with a light coat of my favorite hairspray throughout the entire head. It helps me control the hair during styling and gives all hair types a little extra boost of body. Sections traditionally reflect the size of the tool you're using, but don't be afraid to experiment with different section sizes (larger for softer waves and smaller for tighter waves or curls). Alternating curl direction will also give a more natural wave pattern (doing one row forward and a second away from the face). For more uniform waves, you can wrap all sections back and away. For a strong set or for hair that doesn't like to hold a curl, try pinning your curls up and letting them set while you do makeup or get dressed. When you finish your red-carpet looks, you can shake your hair open with your fingers and add a little hairspray or some dry shampoo for a rough, dry, sexy look, or brush through your style and finish with a light shine spray for super glossy, Hollywood-glamour waves! Once you have the right texture, the sky's the limit. You can either leave your style down or pull it up. For the up-do challenged, I love a simple ponytail as a base for any style. It's easy and quick and will provide a solid anchor, even when your finished style looks loose and easy. Soft, easy updos were prevalent at all of the awards shows, and with a few well-placed hair pins or other accessories, you can upgrade your ponytail to a fabulous RC updo!


t3-1     t3-2     t3-3


Now, let's discuss my favorite style newsmaker, our First Lady! Even when she's not rockin' a RC, she's setting trends and making men and women take notice. Her new cut has totally inspired me, and I'm doing lots of great layered cuts with long, heavy bangs on my clients at Danka Panka. For this look, all you need is your T3 FW2 Dryer, a round brush, and a great cut! Rough dry your hair until it's almost dry. It'll keep a lot of your hair's natural texture. Once your style feels dry to the touch, grab your T3 Tourmaline Barrel Brush and go through each section one time smoothing hair out, but leaving a bit of texture in the hair. To finish, use a little bit of styling cream, wax, or pomade (for super-fine hair or for a dry, rough finish, try hairspray or dry shampoo) to add dimension and texture to your finished look. I love this look...and having a First Lady who inspires women to look their best every day!


For more details on these how-tos, check out these videos!


I hope these simple techniques help you look and feel your best, whether you're hitting your own red carpet or just picking the kids up from school!


May every day be a great hair day!




Dan, T3 Lead Stylist