Patrick's Pick of the Month - Make A Summer Sequin Splash!

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Patrick Hoy here – and it is so good to be back with my new ‘Patrick’s Pick Of the Month!  And this is EXTRA SPECIAL because it’s another ‘Today’s Special Value’!!!!


Our good friend Jeanne Bice used to love saying:


patrick 2.jpg


Jeanne Bice also loved something else – her Weekend Wardrober sets – and we know you did too!


So that got us thinking at Quacker Factory…


We realized that we hadn’t designed a Weekend Wardrober set in YEARS – not since before our beautiful Jeanne joined the angels in heaven.  So we thought it was high time we brought back a NEW Weekend Wardrober set that would make her proud!


You know what’s better than one Weekend Wardrober set???  How about FIVE (yep – you read that right!) – FIVE Weekend Wardrober sets?!


And since Jeanne loved sequins so much – our incredible Design Team thought it would be a Quack-Tabulous idea to make the embellishments on these 5 NEW Weekend Wardrober sets be so full of sequins, that Jeanne could see all of you in heaven when you put them on and strut your stuff this spring and summer!


What could be better than that, Ladies?!


I’ll tell you what would – if all 5 sets were a Today’s Special Value – that’s what would be better!! 


patrick 3.jpg


Make A Summer Sequin Splash!


You’ve been asking us to design some more Weekender Wardrober sets – and your dream has come true!  I just KNOW you’re going to love these as much as we do!  A288533 Sequin Splash 3-Piece Knit Wardrobe Set.


You’re also going to LOVE being able to make your own fun-loving fashion statement with our THREE-PIECE season-savvy set that’s made to mix and match.  Start spring with easy-to-wear capris – and work your way up to breezy shorts for summer!


Top them both with a fun-in-the-sun themed shirt – and since they are a Today’s Special Value, you can pick more than one from the fresh array of colors and motifs!  That’s right – you’re going to get ALL 3 great fashion pieces for 1 AMAZING special value!! 


Speaking of motifs – take a look at these beautiful designs our Design Team has come up just for YOU!


patrick 4.jpg


How Quack-Tabulous are these?!?!


And remember – you don’t have to choose if you want Capris or Shorts when you pick your shirt design – you get the Capris AND the Shorts!!!


We’ve spoiled you for choice this time! 


If you love butterflies and how they symbolize new beginnings – you’ll want to pick up our yellow and white striped butterfly top that come with crisp white capris AND those beautiful teal shorts.


If enjoying lazy summer days under a beach umbrella is your idea of bliss – then the turquoise striped top is for you!


And if you’re a proud American who loves to fly your true colors – then I just know that you’ll be saluting the flags on our navy & red striped top!  This one comes with Navy colored capris – and lipstick red shorts.


And if, like Jeanne Bice, you know that pink is NOT a color – but an ATTITUDE – then you’ll be perching on more than one leg to slip into our new flamingo top.  If this one is for you – then you’ll be welcoming some new khaki colored capris – and cute pale pink shorts – into your wardrobe!


And all sailing will be steady when you choose our new anchor motif top with black and white stripes!  This one comes with black capris – and hot pink shorts!


patrick 5.png


Did you catch that our clever Design Team matched the color of the shorts with the block of color at the hem of the sleeves on the tops?! 


patrick 6.jpg


And did you also notice that the colored stripe on the top matches the color of the capris?!  I’m telling you, our Design Team thought of everything when they made this for you!


Speaking of detail – just look at how beautiful the sequin motifs are!  Here’s a close-up for you of the butterflies – WOW!!!


patrick 7.jpg


Dress It Up, Gals!


We know that many of you LOVE wearing spring/summer dresses – so the Design Team has come up with the cutest matching dress to go with your Weekender Wardrobe set!  I think you’ll be choosing one of these to pack in the suitcase for your next vacation – or to enjoy on your next Stay-Cation!  It’s our brand new A289676 Sequin Splash Short Sleeve Knit Dress with Pockets.


Here’s our beautiful Angel wearing the anchor motif spring/summer dress – how adorable is she?!


patrick 8.jpg


You can start the weekend in those fun capris, then head out to the promenade with your best friends on a hot summer day in the shorts – and then meet your hubby for dinner all gussied up in the dress.  We’ve got you covered all weekend long!



Dressing (and packing!)  for the weekends will never be easier once you welcome Today’s Special Value into your wardrobe!!  Here’s a picture of what Angel will be packing in HER suitcase the next time she and Glen head to the beach – it doesn’t come any easier than this!!


patrick 9.jpg


I hope you love Today’s Special Value as much as we loved creating this for you!!  Where are you going to be wearing yours this Spring & Summer?!


Make sure to join Angel & me throughout the day today, Friday April 14th – we’ve got a full day of fun and fashion for you!  I’ll be chatting with you at 10am ET for THREE FUN hours – and then again for two hours at 5pm ET -  over on Angel’s Facebook page.  All you have to do is go to Angel’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it.  Here’s the link:


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Quacker Hugs & Love From Across The Pond!!!




Click on the link below to see more detail about Patrick’s picks:


A288533 Sequin Splash 3-Piece Knit Wardrobe Set


A289676 Sequin Splash Short Sleeve Knit Dress with Pockets


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Angel and Patrick ....please please please ... next year a couple of choices of bunny shirts

for Easter ....

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Your embroidery and sequins are so well done .. I am sure you could do a great job....

bunnies please !!!