PM Style Blog - Off The Cuff w/ Cheryl Burke

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Feel like I want to have a pet name for Cheryl Burke, like “Burkie". She just seems like a girl I’d be friends with if she lived next door or nearby. Cool chick. Real. Let’s it hang out. No pretense. Strong. Fearless.


(Have you seen our #15secondswithfame segment on Instagram?) Ms. Burke - who has a killer bod-ay because of a lifelong dancing career culminating in ABC’s Dancing With The Stars (Um, Ms. Burke…Burkie…I’m available if DWTS is looking for a new cast) - famously lives most of her life in activewear so she designed her own line for the Q. Since "ath-leisure everything” is on fire and so up my alley, it delights me that QVC has CeeBee by Cheryl Burke.


So, in keeping with our monthly PM Style “Off The Cuff” segment where we interview celebs behind the scenes, here’s my silly Q&A with “Burkie". Ha!



Isn't she just the cutest?! Who would you want to break bread with? Past or present?!


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on ‎08-20-2015 12:09 PM

Cheryl Burke IS lovely - !