Oh Happy Holidays PM Stylers!

by on ‎12-16-2013 07:00 PM

I can’t believe this is our last PM Style before Christmas! Ah… what are we going to do?  Have you finished shopping yet?  I just finished up this weekend and I can’t tell you the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders.  Now on to the wrapping… My problem is I watch Christmas movies while I wrap and it takes me forever! I don’t mind because it gets me into the Holiday Spirit, but sometimes I’m thinking “Where did the time go?!”  I think this year I’m going to be watching Elf, only because I can’t stop watching Christmas Vacation.  Do you have a favorite Holiday movie? 

            I have some BIG NEWS… we’re adopting a fur baby!  Christmas came early for me this year and I could not be more excited.  I love Allie-Schnooks and Millie so much but I was anxious to add to our family and now it’s finally happening.  Now I DO have pictures but unfortunately I can’t post yet.  This sweet doll that we met needs to be tested for his cat interaction and if he passes, he’s coming home to us as soon as we get back from Christmas Vacation.  So, cats out of the bag… we’re rescuing a sweet baby boy!  We are SO EXCITED!!  Adding to our family was #1 on my list, what is #1 on your list?! 

{As you can see, the Girls can barely contain their excitement}

            Other news: I chose my Bridesmaids Smiley Happy  I am so happy to share this journey with these girls and I can’t wait for them to say YES to what’s in their UPS Box.  Here’s a little preview of what I got…

            BEAUTY OBSESSION: Josie Maran 6 Piece Argan Luxury Holiday Color Collection, A237575

            I feel like the Holidays are an opportunity to look and feel your best.  You’re seeing people you haven’t seen all year, or maybe you’re seeing the same old crew, but you want to stand out a little from every other day of the year.  That’s why I chose this Holiday Color Kit from Josie.   The Big thing for me… the Argan Illuminizer.  It’s all about the glow.   It’s like you’ve drenched your skin in liquid argan gold. Unlike most highlighters there is no “Hurry and rub it in before it dries after 2 seconds” fuss.  This is lustrous, hydrating, and absorbs into your skin like an oil, but without the sheen.  The Luminous Hydrating Liquid Powder, which is only available in this set, locks the illuminizer and your makeup into place, without taking away glow or color. 

            Josie’s Mascara wand is to die for.  The big, fluffy bristle wand is probably one of the best wands and formulations for getting you the closest to enhanced natural lashes around. 

            Last but never least, I love that Josie gives us color with warmth and hydration and that is perfect for any skin tone.  These color combinations have a sense of romance to them that looks effortless when worn.  This is that set that you’ll wear everyday… sometimes a little casual and sometimes a little more sultry. 

What do you think?


PM Style:

            Since last week was a marathon PM Style, this week is only going to be 2 hours.  Sad day we only have 2 hours of Fashion and Beauty, but that just means we’re a few hours closer to seeing our next Today’s Special Value… Here’s a sneak peak and don’t worry, I will be picking up two pairs myself.  I can’t contain myself. 

Project Runway:

            It is so exciting and incredible to see where I come to work every day on the BIG screen! Now I know you thinking we’re on TV so it doesn’t matter anyway, but honestly, none of us feel that way.  We feel like we come to work to hang out with our friends (all of you) and talk about things we love.  Sometimes I barely notice the cameras, which sounds weird to say, but that’s just my norm. 

            Red Carpet Gowns… Wow.  Our Red Carpet Style Event is one of the biggest events QVC puts on each year.  We pull out all of the stops and really take everything up a notch, so I was really curious to see what the designers would come up with for LR.


Christopher- I loved the color and the black leather was such an LR accent!

Seth- I loved the front of the dress… but oh the back…. Wah wah. 

Korto- I was so impressed with the flow of the gown.  The colors were dreamy and if you know LR, you know she loved this style dress.

Elena- I was so proud of you of you for doing something different.  It was edgy and unexpected from you. I loved the color scheme, and can’t believe that you put all time into creating your own fabric.  I feel like with the time crunch something had to suffer, and unfortunately it was the silhouette of the dress.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t stellar. 

Irina- I can’t believe you pulled that off in less than a day.  It was a stunning dress, who cares if you can’t walk in it Smiley Happy  I was sad to see you go this week, but I know all will be well with you. 

Viktor- I just couldn’t vote you in tonight because I know LR would not be excited about the color scheme you chose.  I have to say the cut and the detail was award winning, just maybe not for this challenge. 

            CONGRATS TO KORTO for winning Last weeks Challenge- we can’t wait to see her on PM STYLE tonight! I hope you’ll join us for her BIG debut and to see her gorgeous dress in person. 


See you for PM Style!