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Denim Divas,


Do we have a fantastic NEW JEAN for you!! Introducing the Denim and Company Comfy Knit, Smooth Waist, Lightly Boot-Cut Jeans!




The D&Co Team has taken all of your favorite elements from our top selling jeans and designed a new jean for you that includes ALL of them in one! They've taken your favorite "Smooth Waist" style and combined it with our top selling Comfy Knit fabrication in a super flattering lightly boot-cut silhouette !!




We've checked all the boxes for you with these  new jeans:


You've told us you LOVE how the Smooth Waist style eliminates the look of lumps and bumps under your tops. Check!


You love the comfort of our cotton-spandex Comfy Knit ....which offers the comfort of yoga pants and an easy, pull on style.....but with the look of a 5-pocket denim jean!  Check!


 You've told us you love the slimming silhouette of a slight boot-cut pant (WE do too!) Check!


And finally, you've said you love lots of colors of denim....and you have SIX to choose from in these new jeans...

three colors of blue denim (dark wash, antique wash and bleached) plus 3 fashion colors (black, classic beige and evergreen).  Check!


You'll look slim, feel great and add loads of versatility and a fresh look to your Fall wardrobe, by these new jeans into the mix! If you're tired of the expense and some of the silly details of many of the jeans out there....these will add a classic, timeless, clean and tailored look to your outfits, without breaking the bank!


The best part's so many things you love....all in one great jean....the NEW Denim and Company Comfy Knit, Smooth Waist, Lightly Boot-Cut Jeans!




Happy Shopping! Love, Carolyn (your fellow Denim Diva!)


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on ‎08-31-2018 02:50 PM

Really??  Oh Please.

on ‎08-31-2018 04:44 PM

So sorry, Carolyn,  but I’m not a fan of boot cut, even lightly boot cut. The petite is way too long for me,so it would look wide and sloppy. You do look fine in those jeans, but I like to tuck in a shirt and that wide waist band is not a good look for my style. Nothing about the new TSV jean appeals to me, but they are a good price and the knit jeans are always so comfortable. I’m not buying these,  but I hope all those who do, enjoy them. 

on ‎09-07-2018 08:58 AM

Um, no.

on ‎09-08-2018 11:30 AM

They are nice but way too long.  I am five seven at least and they are a couple of inches too long for me.  And they are not lightly boot cut more like bell bottoms.  Also what I hate is when they make boot cuts they make the thigh area tighter.  Many of us need room in the area right above the knee and they tend to ****** this in.  I think these could be good with a little work on the sizing.  I love the comfy line, and I love knit pull on jeans.  

on ‎10-02-2018 02:07 PM

Dear Carolyn Gracie,  I watched D&C this a.m. 10/2/2018 and really wanted to order #A297782. I used to wear an 1X top in D&C.  Lost weight & now all 1X tops are too big. I debated between L and XL on this top.  My bust size is approx. 43, my hips are 42" and  my tummy/waist if approx.38. I'm about 5'5" tall. I wanted to know is you have or have tried on this top and if you would order a L or XL. I have a tummy, not hips. I didn't know how to reach this sight and called Customer Service was really very helpful (guy named Larry) helped me with 3 different orders!  Smiley Happy  You are such a great host and Gary is awesome too.  Love D&C but sizes are not always easy to figure out. Last week I ordered D&C joggers w/pockets in a L petite. L was too Large in the upper thigh area, so I sent them back in exchange for a M petite.....only becasue I liked the shorter length. (27")   I hope I can still order the top from todays show. Now I know how to contact you!



Thank you in advance,

Linda Hodges (facebook)

Washington State