My love of boats & an exciting Today's Special Value from Ryka!

by on ‎04-18-2013 11:49 AM

There was a time in my life when I lived literally on the water.  I had just met my husband to be and he lived on a boat that was, shockingly, bigger than my tiny beach side apartment (mine was actually half of a converted basement, I could touch all the walls If I stretched out far enough.)  Part of what got me to give my hubby a second look was the fact that he lived on a boat. 

My father had taught me to be a big boater and I spent as much time as possible out on the water.  I traveled with my family by boat, stayed on one abroad in Amsterdam for a while, even spent a few days in the pacific on an air craft carrier when I was a reporter.

Boats were (and still are) in my blood.  I love the smell of the water, the swell of the waves; I love the physicality of boating and the constant motion. I love the boating community, the adventure it brings, even the colors; blues, and whites and the orange and pink colored sky over the ocean. 

So meeting a man who felt the same way automatically made him hotter (its like when a guy is on a band, they become better looking just because they are on stage.  What is that about?!)  

We lived on his boat for almost a year.  I woke up each morning to the water of the pacific-ocean.  We spent weekends traveling up the coast and having romantic dinners cooked in his tiny galley.  I fell in love with him on that boat, I made the decision to start my career in news on that boat, I watched the towers of the world trade center fall, on that boat. It was a heartbreaking, pivotal, beautiful time for me, and it cemented sea salt and teak into my bones. 

Since that year we have spent numerous vacations sailing to places like Fiji and Mexico and we hope to one day take a year off and sail with our girls before they are too old to be able to say no. 

As babies they spent every weekend on my - in laws boat.  Barco (boat in Spanish) was one on Georgia’s first words. 

To say I have had some experience with boating attire and boat shoes is a like saying Carolyn Gracie knows a bit about Denim & Company. Between my dad, my husband and my father in law I have purchased dozens of pairs of boat shoes.  Permission to come aboard was not granted until all shoe soles were white (no scuff marks on the deck!)  But, it wasn’t until the last few years that boat shoes for women have become popular.  It used to be ladies had one color and one style and they were function not fashion.  But, now we see them everywhere.  They are an alternative to ballet flats and wedges and slides.  They make people think of summer sailing in Annapolis and warm summer nights on Nantucket.  They softly whisper status and education, adventure and romance.  They are now paired with flirty skirts and white Capri’s.  They can been seen on the beautiful feet of women from the canals of Venice, Italy to the riverfront of Oklahoma City, Ok. The beauty is in the Nubuck suede that makes you look like you have a vacation home in Cape Cod even if you’ve never been east of the Mississippi.  And the rubber outsole that makes them as functional as the Ryka walking shoes you already love.

Made by women for women, Ryka is a brand I sadly didn’t discover until I came to QVC. I walk at least five miles a day and do the Susan G . Komen 60 day Breast cancer Walk every year.  I burn through about 7 pairs of running and walking shoes each year.  And not all walking shoes work.  I have been known to trash a hundred dollar pair of shoes two weeks in, if they continue to give me blisters.  I tried a pair of Rykas for a Zumba show and have since acquired half a dozen pairs in different colors.  You wont see me in anything else during my weekly fitness programs. 

I never worried about what my fitness shoes looked like.  I wasn’t wearing them for fashion; I was wearing them to keep moving.  Comfort and price was more important to me so I didn’t mind if they looked less than good.  Ryka allowed me to have some fun with my work out shoes and still respect my budget and above all be comfortable.  I was so sold on Ryka shoes that I picked up their pants during my last show.  To be honest, I never expected a great fashion shoe from Ryka, like this boat shoe, would come next. Though I don’t know why.  I’m nearly head to toe Ryka when I am working out (or just chasing around kids & dogs) so why wouldn’t they make a great looking shoe for me for the days when I need to put on a dress and makeup? I usually go from active shoes to flip flops when I need to take it up a notch, and lets be honest, flip flops are not taking it up a notch.

Because boat shoes are made to work, to help you move, and stay, on a boat; reaching for sails, pulling ropes, leaning into the swell, they are notoriously very high priced.  Now that for the first time they are on QVC as a Today’s Special Value, we can get that function and style at a fraction of the price. I can get a couple pairs in any of the fun nautical colors for the same price I used to pay for one pair years ago.

These days I live landlocked but my home is still decorated like a seaside cottage. You see pieces from my husband’s old boat in our décor, and memories of the places we have sailed as a couple and a family.

We still vacation on boats numerous times a year and I still dress like a southern California girl that lives on the water.  Now you can fit that piece of the sea into your soul and into whatever wardrobe you prefer. Whether you live in crop pants and tshirts or sundresses and cardigans, the new boat shoes will keep you even keel, even if the only thing you are trying to keep upright is your evening glass of Chardonnay.

Happy boating season from my family to yours.