My first day with G.I.L.I.

by on ‎03-10-2015 12:20 PM

Hi there! I am smiling as I write this, as I am so thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life…and am thrilled to be beginning it with you.  


Let me start by saying…I am beyond honored to be welcomed into the G.I.L.I. family.  This is a brand I know you have come to trust and count on for luxurious, elegant pieces (and for good reason.) I promise, along with our team who has been with G.I.L.I. since the beginning, we will deliver products that you will fall in love with.



I know many of you already. For those who I don’t, I started with QVC in February of 2013 when I launched a home organizational line “Jill by Jill Martin”. In my two years at QVC, I helped many of you whip your closets into shape (and in turn) helped you to shop in your own closet. I have gotten amazing feedback that so many of you have saved money in the process and are now able to buy investment pieces you actually will wear.  Along with the G.I.L.I. line, I will continue to provide you with items that will help organize you at home and while your travelling. Your closet should look like a boutique so you feel like you are shopping in it every day!


The reason I decided to partner up with G.I.L.I. is simple. The brand and I represent the same things. I am committed to giving women products that are good investments but that also help develop a lifestyle.  I will never encourage you to buy every item, only items that work for you. I am going to work tirelessly with the team, to make sure you get what you want. I have read many of your comments on current products and as the line develops, we will take your suggestions seriously and incorporate the feedback into new pieces.


Just so you know my background. I have been in Fashion since the day I graduated from the University of Michigan. I have been with the Today Show for eight years. My segments include, “Steals and Deals & Ambush Makeover.”  Viewers have come to count on me for quality items at affordable prices. My motto is, I would never offer anything I wouldn’t wear or use.


And for those sports fans, I am a Broadcaster for the New York Knicks. You can spot me on the sidelines interviewing celebrities at halftime. I have been influenced by many different parts of my life…and am grateful for all of my opportunities.


Joining me in this adventure is my fabulous mother, Georgette. She is creative, relatable (and crazy!)  You will get to know her along the way and I am sure you will love her as much as I do. My family is truly joining yours.



See you on March 26th, I promise you will not be disappointed - we have something very special!  Looking forward to this journey together. I am giving this my all, and with me, you’ll always be able to say, “Got it. Love it.” 




by copythat
on ‎06-30-2015 08:10 PM

when you brought out the cameo pant you were wearing a jean jacket the snaps close ive been trying to find out what that jacket is please help me.