My Top Ten... An Interview with ME

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It’s the last week of September and it’s time for another PMStyle blog. This week, I’m interviewing myself. Weird right? No seriously, I spend so much time asking questions of others, trying to get to know them and their unique “tick tock”, I decided to play a game (no I haven’t lost my mind) and ask myself the Top Ten questions I love to ask others to get inside their persona and learn about them. (Btw these make great ice breakers at parties and in the company of strangers)



SK: Name 5 people from the past would you love to have dinner with?

SK: (1) Jesus, because I have a lot of questions (2) Princess Diana, because I’m obsessed with royalty and would love to know the inside palace secrets (3) My 5yr old self, i have stuff to tell her (4) Ronald Reagan, because I think he would have some wise advice for our current times (5) Anne Frank, because I’d like to tell her how incredible she was





SK: Name a smell you love? Name a smell you hate?

SK: Fireplaces burning wood in Fall; patchouli / incense





SK: Describe your perfect job.

SK: That’s so tough because I have like 10. Talk show host meets the Travel Channel meets advice columnist meets restaurant reviewer meets drive time radio host meets pediatric nurse or doctor (minus the sight of blood) meets kept woman





SK: Name something you are afraid of?

SK: Snakes and heights




SK: Name something you’re good at? Name something you’re bad at?

SK: giving advice; anything involving finance and accounting (and also being on time)




SK: What’s your favorite TV channel (not counting QVC)?

SK: Hmmm, cross between PBS and cable news





SK: What’s your favorite website (not counting QVC)?

SK: Google and Wikipedia




SK: What’s your favorite gadget?

SK: A level; I’m OCD and I love walking through my house and using it to straighten pictures and paintings





SK: Name something strange or unusual that is in your fridge right now?

SK: Chia seeds




SK: Complete these three sentences - I would never / I wish I could / I just cant stand

SK: I would never put a bumper sticker on my car (weird phobia) or skydive / I wish I could stop caring what other people think about me / I just stand businesses with double glass doors and they lock one (I always pick the wrong door to try and walk through)

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Thanks for the tidbits of info. You're unique and inspirational...hands down my favorite host! I would sooo love to meet you some day!  God bless

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You writing skills are great, and nice to hear some personal info. I love the decor in ur home, x

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Shawn, why don't you tell us more about Hubbie? What is his work? Show us some pictures, house at holiday time.  I am so glad you are nice to Isaac again, I felt a little tension b/tween both of you for a while. Can you please get him to make some more terry, drawn string pants for winter #A213116????  Mine are really worn out, and they are my all time favorites.  Do a poor girl a good deal, and get some on air. Tell me ahead of time, I seem to missed them this last time.  Can you sneak some out for me, I promise to pay for them.  Love you, Donna

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Shawn, someday you won't care what people thinks. The only opinions that should truly matter are God (and you already knows he thinks you are fearfully and wonderfully made) and your hubby (I'm sure you can fill in the blanks ☺)
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  • thanks shawn!
  • would also love some style-fashion tips on this blog, tooSmiley Wink



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Shawn, You are my favorite host. You make me laugh. Love your style  but most important you are just real. You let people in and we feel like we know you (somewhat) can't give all the eggs away. You know what I mean. I like that you could have some really great conversations about life and still have some great laughs while doing it. Just keep being you girl.

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Dear Shawn,

Loved your ten questions. Will play the game w my husband tonight and guess what the other will say. A glass of red and white and sushi and logs lit in the fireplace sounds good after 42 yrs. married. YIKES!

Your one about the level and hanging pix made me go back as a newlywed. I would redecrorate the apt and all "he" Tom would notice would be a slightly crooked picture.

Also in the day back then it was books of lists - the top movies - the top books- people you would invite to dinner like your #10- Jesus would be there. Wine and fish- some miracles, some blessings, and joy.

Hubby and I would make our own lists and share.

Thanks for the help,



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Crazy Shawn, I love your passion. As a retired military person moving around meant making new friends over and over. I used to find it really important to my self esteem to have every one like me until I had a co supervisor who did not. We did not work well together but had no choice. One night I was thinking to myself, I don't like everyone I meet but I still treat them with respect. If I don't like everyone, other people must feel the same way. I realized that if it was ok to not like him, then it must be ok for him to not like me. Once I realized we were both in the same boat, it became easier to work with him. Be yourself and don't worry about how to make others like you. We are all different and those who like you do it becaus you are who you are and those who don't, treat them with respect and let it go. I LIKE YOU.

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Your posts are always so much fun to read. Your home is as neat as a pin. I say this because when I came home today with my grown daughter, my place looked like a cyclone hit. My hubby was watching our grandson and he lets him "play" till his heart is content. I thought, it's not really that bad, I am just glad I have them both in my life.


I am going to try and play your interview game with my family tomorrow. I know they will probably say I am a nut case. 

I enjoy you Shawn, keep up the great work and don't worry what others are always thinking. You can't make everyone happy nor love you all the time. Take Care.

on ‎10-01-2016 10:14 PM

 @Shawn_Killingeri can't even begin to tell you how much i adore you. you are just adorable. i love these posts, please keep them coming. hope you & joe have a great fall & happy halloween. you're just the best. thanks so much for these very enjoyable & informative posts. 

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10] My Mother and Father first of course.Mother Theresa,Michael Jackson,And Jesus of course.

9]A smell i love is the ocean,A smell i hate is burnt toast.

8]Perfect job would be vanna whites!

7]Something i'm afraid of would be closed in places like elevators.

6]Something i'm good at is talking.Something i'm bad at is math i really hate it.

5]Food Network shows.

4]i guess i go to Google most.

3]Favorite gadget is lap top i guess.

2]strange or unusual in fridge nothing right now.

1]I would never use an atm at night,I wish i could travel the world,And i really hate when somebody gets bullied.Smiley HappyKeep up the great work u do on qvc Shawn!

on ‎10-02-2016 07:01 PM
Love you Shawn and all you do at the Q! You are real and true and fun to watch. I can be feeling somewhat down and after 10 minutes with you, I have forgotten what brought me down in the first place!! Your zest for life and your love for family bring me to tears. You have that value of life in general and it's rare..... please keep doing what you have been doing girl!!! You've won our hearts and hope for you to entertain us for years to come! Please keep being Shawnie Sue and you and Isaac are the best!!!! Take care and am hoping your pop is feeling better these days and that you are able to talk to him daily !!!
on ‎10-09-2016 05:33 PM

I think you are great!  You are very good at what you do on QVC!  You are authentic, inspiring, caring, and fun!  I learned the best quote recently, "It's none of my business what other people think of me."  It's so true and very freeing!  You just keep being you and smiling!  You are wonderful! Smiley Happy

on ‎10-12-2016 01:48 AM

Dear Shawn, You are a joy to watch.  You really connect with the viewers because you are so warm and real.  Your relationship with Isaac is too fun!  I tape the show and my husband and I watch the shows together!  We love you guys!  You make us laugh and you both are so sweet and kind.  I hope that your dad is doing better.  Your fans pray for you.  You really have people who care about you.  


I am really hoping that Isaac is going to have a dog top, cotton flannel pajama set this year.  He did it a few years ago and I LOVED them!  I bought the dog plates that year too.  Very pretty!  I know  it takes a long time to get a product from drawing board to fruition and I hoping that this is the year!


Thanks so much and have a great holiday season!    XOXOXO

on ‎10-30-2016 07:33 PM

Dear Shawn,

Thanks for the fun posts and the funnier shows. You and Isaac make me laugh weekly. I get so bummed when the two of you are not on - for one reason or another. I love how you react when Isaac uses French. (BTW here is a link for "outré" from one of my favorite sites - I'm a French teacher -  )


Have a great holiday season. I will be keeping your dad and Maria in my thoughts and prayers.

LWS in Reamstown, PA


on ‎11-11-2016 01:37 PM

Are you and Joe planning to have a baby soon?

on ‎04-15-2017 02:32 AM

Shawn you are absolutely fabulous!!! You are my favorite host.

on ‎04-18-2017 11:18 PM
Shawn luv luv ur taste in clothing, shoes there anyway u kindly let me know the item number of the black off-shoulder dress you were wearing on the beauty show today?, I soooo have to have that dress . I am a fan by the way😊
on ‎05-30-2017 12:01 AM
Hey Shawn! You are one of my favs on QVC!! You're style is so unique and you rock whatever you put on!! I love shoes and I find myself wanting the majority of the shoes that you wear. I hardly ever see you wearing shoes that are on QVC and I never see them anywhere else😩. I love the black strappy heels w the tassels, the suede, tan, slouchy, wedged, open-toe booties and the ones that are similar to those, but they are pumps. You're personality on the show, pops with energy! Keep up the great work and put me on to those shoes girl😉